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JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs see earnings soar

Jan 16, 2013
Many of Wall Street's biggest banks are beating profit expectations as the mortgage business comes back.
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Goldman Sachs switches support to Romney

Oct 9, 2012
Goldman Sachs has long supported Democrats in the presidential contest. But not this year. Why Goldman and other Wall Street banks are throwing their support behind Mitt Romney.
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Goldman CEO Blankfein warns 'fiscal cliff' threatens confidence in U.S. economy

Oct 2, 2012
Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, says the U.S. risks a ratings downgrade and a hit to its reputation as a global business leader as legislators battle over the upcoming 'fiscal cliff.'
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Goldman Sachs dodges criminal prosecution

Aug 10, 2012
The Justice Department drops probe into Goldman mortgage deal. Four years after the financial crisis, there’s still no criminal conviction on Wall Street.
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Weekly Wrap: Goldman Sachs escapes criminal charges

Aug 10, 2012
Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street and beyond. This week: The Department of Justice decides not to press charges against Goldman Sachs.
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Goldman Sachs to fund $10 million city jail program

Aug 2, 2012
The program in New York City is designed to keep young men from re-offending.
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Goldman to open private bank

Jul 17, 2012
In the face of a tough banking market and disappointing earnings, Goldman Sachs announced this week that it will build a private bank -- joining the ranks of UBS and U.S. Trust and others -- that will manage and lend money to very wealthy individuals and companies.
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Goldman Sachs sidesteps shareholder spring

May 24, 2012
At Goldman Sachs’ annual meeting, the only storm was the weather outside. Shareholders laughed and voted for everything management wanted.
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The Birth (and Death) of the Moral Age of Wall Street

Mar 27, 2012
Marcy Murninghan's unpublished late 1990s interview with former Goldman Sachs chairman John Whitehead illuminates how he tried to bring a moral sense to banking.
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The Goldman op-ed and unsustainable capitalism

Mar 16, 2012
New York bureau chief Heidi Moore discusses former Goldman Sachs executive Greg Smith’s op-ed bomb.
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