Every day, Marketplace peeks under the hood of the American and global economies. We want to let our audiences peek under the hood of Marketplace’s economy — and that means sharing important information about the support we get from foundations.

Who gives Marketplace money?

We receive funding from many generous foundations. You’ll hear their names on air and see their logos on our website. If we report a piece that mentions a current funder, the host will disclose our relationship on air, right after the piece.

Do they have any say in your reporting?

We believe in saying things as simply as possible. To that end, the answer is no. Never. Ever. Ever. Ever. No funder, foundation or otherwise, has any influence on our reporting.

But wait. Don’t you have funders who support specific “desks”?

Yes. For example, the Kendeda Fund cares deeply about conservation and sustainability, so it supports our Sustainability Desk. The Henry Luce Foundation wants to help Americans understand how events in Asia impact our lives, and so do we. Does this mean that they have anything to do with our editorial process for these beats? Again, nope. We simply share a passion for a given topic, and they love our reporting.

What if I have a foundation and want to make a grant?

That’s great! You can email our team for more information.