At Marketplace, our mission is to raise the economic intelligence of the country through the unorthodox story, the casual conversation and the unexpected angle on the news.

We’re transforming into a newsroom beyond the radio to achieve this mission. Our initiatives, partnerships and cross-platform content aim to not only explain the economy but to tell the stories of the economy in engaging, innovative and accessible ways.

Whether you are a journalist developing stories and finding pioneering ways to report, or designing new interactive digital tools, or building and strengthening audience relationships, Marketplace has positions and teams for you that help bring the economy to life.

Marketplace is an ambitious shop, fueled by ambitious ideas. This is a place of creativity and unorthodox thinking. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. At the same time, we know the critical importance of people understanding how the economy shapes the world around us. If this sounds like music to your ears (and hey, we do feature pretty cool music) then keep reading.

We’re a team of about 85 diverse professionals from all sorts of backgrounds (spoiler: a lot of us don’t have a business or economic degree), and we like to have a little fun while creating compelling and valuable content across audio and digital platforms.

We have regular staff events like brown bag lunches to hear about exciting projects from our colleagues or happy hours to kick back a little after show roll. 

Current Career Opportunities

Marketplace is part of American Public Media Group. For information about benefits, FAQs and more, visit the APMG Careers page. Click each position below to find additional information on the job opportunity.

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No open positions currently available. Please check back soon!