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  1. When assessing inflation, it’s not just the data, it’s also the narrative May 17, 2024
  2. Credit card companies see big opportunity in small business spending May 17, 2024
  3. Why some drivers are still hesitant to go electric May 17, 2024
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The Dow hit a record high! So what?

All the business and economic news of the day, from Marketplace.

Marketplace Flashbriefing

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  1. Marketplace Midday Briefing 05/17/24 May 17, 2024
  2. Marketplace Morning Briefing 05/17/24 May 17, 2024
  3. Marketplace Closing Briefing 05/16/24 May 16, 2024
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Marketplace Closing Briefing 05/17/24

Three updates throughout the day on the latest Business News from Kai Ryssdal and David Brancaccio of Marketplace.

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  1. A vital, mostly invisible undersea industry is facing a labor shortage May 16, 2024
  2. Digital ad spending streams past traditional TV May 15, 2024
  3. Why deepfakes of foreigners are selling goods on Chinese social media May 14, 2024
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Tech Bytes – Week in Review: Google doubles down on AI, ChatGPT gets chatty and Congress charts a path for AI regulation

The latest tech stories from Marketplace Tech.

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The Numbers

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  1. Stock market closing numbers for May 15, 2024 May 15, 2024
  2. Stock market closing numbers for May 14, 2024 May 14, 2024
  3. Stock market closing numbers for May 13, 2024 May 13, 2024
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Stock market closing numbers for May 16, 2024

A one minute take from Kai Ryssdal on the stock market news of the day, posted after the markets close.

Make Me Smart from Marketplace

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  1. Summer camp May 13, 2022
  2. Ponzi Schemes and Pyramid Schemes May 11, 2022
  3. High school graduation May 10, 2022
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