The Uncertain Hour - Investigative Podcast

Hosted by Krissy Clark

Obscure policies, forgotten histories and why America’s like this. The Uncertain Hour explains our weird, complicated, and often unequal economy – and why some people get ahead and some get left behind. Host Krissy Clark dives into obscure policies and forgotten histories to explain why America is like it is – from welfare reform, to the drug war, to why it’s so much harder to get a “good job” right now. The Uncertain Hour goes deep to tell us how we got here and what it all means. Our first season told the strange story of what “welfare” has become since the 1996 reforms. In Season Two, we looked at how federal regulations in America affect everything from what’s inside your peanut butter jar to how the opioid crisis spread to how we define crime in America. In the third season, we dug into the origins of the War on Drugs, beginning when George H.W. Bush held up a baggie of crack in the Oval Office. Our fourth season, “A History of Now,” was a pop-up to explore the history and policies that help make sense of the pandemic,  like why unemployment insurance is often so hard to get, the history of quarantine, and how essential workers get the most unessential protections. Krissy Clark is an award-winning senior correspondent who brings curiosity, playfulness and empathy to the task of making sense of fundamental shifts in the U.S. economy, including the widening gap between rich and poor, and what this means for economic mobility and the American dream. Caitlin Esch joined Marketplace as a producer for the Wealth and Poverty desk in 2014. She works on a team that has won several accolades, including a Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing award, a Webby Award, and was a Loeb Award finalist twice. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in journalism from University of California, Berkeley. She lives in Los Angeles. Find “The Uncertain Hour” wherever you get your podcasts.

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