Justin Ho



Justin is a reporter for Marketplace. He’s based in San Diego, California.

Justin focuses on small business, banking and supply chain news. He also hosts the Closing Bell edition of the “Marketplace Minute,” a daily news roundup, and has worked as the show producer of the “Marketplace Morning Report.” He started working at Marketplace in 2011.

Justin spends a lot of his downtime mountain biking, surf fishing and grappling with decision paralysis over which bike parts and fishing gear to buy next.

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Like the Fed, corporations also eagerly await economic data

May 22, 2024
This year, bigger-than-expected inflation reports are playing a role in determining when companies decide to borrow money by issuing bonds.
"A company is not going to come to market with a new bond deal unless they feel reasonably confident that that bond deal is going to go pretty well," says Winnie Cisar with CreditSights. Above, traders on the New York Stock Exchange floor.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Credit card companies see big opportunity in small business spending

May 17, 2024
Small business spending has been fairly slow recently, according to American Express. But credit card companies see a lot of potential in the market.
The competition for business owners’ wallets has been heating up, despite today’s subdued spending environment.
visualspace via Getty Images

How tariffs compare in the Biden and Trump eras

May 14, 2024
Both used tariffs to support American jobs and industries. But the Biden administration's have been higher and more targeted.
President Biden announced increased tariffs on Chinese products Tuesday. The current administration's levies are higher and more targeted than those under Donald Trump.
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Business owners are warily stocking their inventories

May 8, 2024
With interest rate cuts uncertain, businesses owners are keeping their shelves a little leaner. But that's not necessarily a bad sign.
Businesses don't know if the Fed will cut rates this year. As a result, “they’re making decisions, in some cases, to postpone purchases until they absolutely need it,” says Dale Rogers at ASU.
Kylie Cooper/Getty Images

Why the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. has been getting busier

May 7, 2024
CFIUS has a say in foreign transactions when national security is a concern, including venture capital and real estate deals.
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who chairs the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, speaks at a conference in September.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Small businesses see wage pressure easing

May 1, 2024
While the labor market is still tight, some owners aren’t feeling like they need to hike pay as much as they did earlier in the pandemic.
According to the Labor Department, wage gains have been slowing for the past two years.
Kameleon007/Getty Images

Could the Fed cut interest rates based on this week's economic data?

Apr 29, 2024
The Federal Reserve will be watching jobs and unemployment numbers, as well as a manufacturing index and other private sector reports.
Keeping price increases low and steady and maximizing employment is the Federal Reserve's dual mandate.
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Economists used the business cycle to predict what's next. It doesn't work so well anymore.

Apr 23, 2024
Where's the recession? Changes like the pandemic crash and government funding programs have disrupted the expansion-contraction pattern.
Daenin Arnee via Getty Images

Profits are up, according to a business survey. This time, it probably isn't due to "greedflation."

Apr 22, 2024
Companies don't have the pricing power they had in the pandemic recovery. Now it's more like the before times.
A survey from the National Association for Business Economics found that profits hit their highest level since October 2021.
Charnchai/Getty Images

Corporate dealmaking has picked up. That's good news for bankers — and the economy.

Apr 15, 2024
After a couple of years of uncertainty, there's pent-up demand for mergers, stock and bond sales and other complex transactions.
Goldman Sachs reported that investment-banking revenue increased 32% last quarter from the same time in 2023.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images