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Check, please! But wait, isn’t it a bill?

Aug 5, 2022
The origins of the term reflect worries about accuracy and honesty at restaurants.
Sasithorn Phuapankasemsuk/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Would government price controls help solve our inflation problem? 

Jul 29, 2022
Many economists say that temporarily capping prices would be a short-term fix, leading to consequences once controls are lifted.
The Federal Reserve hiked interest rates Wednesday for the fourth time this year in its effort to influence prices for goods and services by indirect means.
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Why aren't mulberries sold at grocery stores?

Jul 22, 2022
The trees are easy to grow, but the berries are fragile and have a shorter shelf life compared to other fruits.
Mulberries are ripe when they fall off the tree.
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Where did the stock market’s $7 trillion loss in value go? 

Jul 15, 2022
It’s been a bad year for the stock market and cryptocurrency, which have lost billions in value.
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on a morning in June, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average opened lower.
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The long, tangled story behind country-of-origin labels

Jun 24, 2022
“Made in” labels started as a way to protect domestic economies. Globalization has made it a lot more complicated.
Country-of-origin labels in the U.S. date back to the 19th century.

When is a powerful company considered a monopoly?

Jun 17, 2022
The feds broke up giant AT&T. But experts say now it’s harder to make allegations of anti-competitive behavior stick.
Being a monopoly doesn't in itself mean a company is engaging in illegal behavior.
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How do experts know the causes behind the stock market’s ups and downs?

Jun 10, 2022
While the monthly jobs report or inflation numbers can move the markets, sometimes the reasons for daily fluctuations are less clear.
A trader working at the New York Stock Exchange on Friday. A high consumer price index reading led to widespread selling and large losses for the major indexes.
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