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Will employers change your salary if you move to a cheaper area?

May 6, 2021
With remote work on the rise, some employees are moving away from high-cost cities to cheaper places.
Even as COVID-19 cases go down, remote work may be here to stay.
filadendron/Getty Images

If Congress won’t raise wages for all workers, what are some other methods?

Apr 30, 2021
This is the longest the U.S. has gone without seeing an increasing to the federal minimum wage. President Joe Biden is increasing it for child care workers in his American Families Plan, and for federal contractors through executive order.
Service industry worker Pam Araiza speaks in support of the Raise the Wage Act, which includes a $15 minimum wage for tipped workers, back in January.
Jemal Countess/Getty Images for One Fair Wage

Health risks, low pay affecting fast-food workers' appetite for jobs

Apr 29, 2021
Restaurant chains, including Taco Bell, Chipotle and McDonald’s, are going on hiring sprees. Will the labor force respond?
Fast-food restaurants, including Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and McDonald's, line the streets in South Los Angeles.
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Here’s what happens to the extra food in cooking competition shows

Apr 22, 2021
The leftovers on “Cupcake Wars,” “Cake Wars” and “Top Chef" may get eaten by the crew or donated to local charities.
A contestant's tempting creations on the Food Network show "Cupcake Wars."
Image via Hulu

What business can and can't do about mask mandates

Apr 21, 2021
Several states, including Alabama and Mississippi, have lifted mandates asking people to wear masks in public.
A person in a face mask shops for groceries at Northgate Gonzalez Market in Los Angeles, California.
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How will the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts affect each company’s reputation?

Apr 16, 2021
Are you Team Pfizer or Team Moderna? Some consumers in the U.S. have expressed preferences for the different vaccine brands.
A view of Johnson & Johnson vaccine vials.
PHILL MAGAKOE/AFP via Getty Images

Have cold medicine sales declined during the COVID-19 crisis?

Apr 8, 2021
With lockdown measures in place, that meant people were limiting their interactions with others.
Cold, flu and cough medicine sales dropped by more than 27% over the past year.
Craig Mitchelldyer/Getty Images

Can businesses deny you entry if you don’t have a vaccine passport?

Apr 7, 2021
Ethical questions have been raised over the fairness of demanding vaccination passports. Some venues want to see them, and some governors want to ban them.
New York state's Excelsior Pass, which provides digital proof of a COVID-19 vaccination.
Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty Images

Author Beverly Cleary highlighted the struggles of the working class in her books

Apr 1, 2021
The “Ramona” series reflected the U.S. economy, one academic says, from recession to slow recovery to prosperity.
Beverly Cleary in Oregon Public Broadcasting's "Discovering Beverly Cleary."
Courtesy of Oregon Public Broadcasting