The Uncertain Hour - Investigative Podcast

Hosted by Krissy Clark

We explain the weird, complicated and often unequal American economy — and why some people get ahead and some get left behind. Host Krissy Clark dives into obscure policies and forgotten histories to explain why America is like it is. This most recent season of “The Uncertain Hour” examines how employment as we know it is changing. Companies across the economy have pivoted to outsourced, subcontracted, freelance, temporary and gig workers. Many of those jobs don’t have benefits; some don't even pay minimum wage. It’s a trend that’s been decades in the making, and we dig into what it means for our future — and yours. “The Uncertain Hour’s” dynamic reporting team has received two Webby Awards, a Gracie Award, a Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing award and was twice recognized as a Gerald Loeb Award finalist and an Investigative Reporters & Editors award finalist. The press has described the show as “podcasting’s best-kept secret.”

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