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How do we know if inflation is really slowing down?

Dec 1, 2022
Inflation has dipped slightly, according to a key measure known as the PCE. But economists have their favorite indicators.
Economist Betsey Stevenson is taking an experiential approach to gauging inflation — like when will grocery store sticker shock end?
Elijah Nouvelage/AFP via Getty Images

Elon Musk joins a long line of Apple App Store critics

Nov 29, 2022
Large companies like Meta and Spotify have said Apple demands too big a share of revenue for selling in the App Store.
The App Store generates more than double the amount of money Google Play makes, in part because Americans favor iPhones over Android.
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Why TV networks and streaming brands pump out more holiday films every year

Nov 28, 2022
They do well with a key advertising demographic: young women.
A kickoff event for Lifetime's Christmas movie season in 2019.
Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Lifetime

How remote work is easing the Thanksgiving travel crush

Nov 25, 2022
Those with the flexibility to travel ahead of peak times have been rewarded with lower prices for flights.
While Thanksgiving travel is typically concentrated close to the holiday, remote work allowed travelers to spread out their flights this year, easing strain on the airline industry.
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How do companies pick their CEOs?

Nov 21, 2022
Sometimes a boomerang, or returning, chief executive — like Disney's Bob Iger — means the company's in crisis or it needs to rejigger its succession plan.
Former Disney CEO Bob Iger is back at the helm of the entertainment giant.
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How Ticketmaster came to dominate live events (and incur the wrath of Taylor Swift fans)

Nov 17, 2022
In addition to selling tickets, the company controls venues and manages artists. Some lawmakers say it's a monopoly.
A mad rush of Taylor Swift fans nearly overwhelmed the Ticketmaster site. Now, some elected officials are calling it a monopoly.
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There's a hiring boom for diversity and inclusion managers. And the jobs have high turnover.

Nov 16, 2022
The role has been growing swiftly over the past five years, but there is high turnover in its ranks. With growth comes a learning curve.
Chief diversity officers often lack support, even though changing a company's culture might require a team and take years to achieve.
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The pandemic delayed milestones in millennials' lives

Nov 8, 2022
Everyone lost time, but for millennials, they were years often marked by dating, marriage and family formation.
An embryologist works at a reproductive medicine center. More women are freezing their eggs, preparing to create families at a later date.
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For tech giants like Meta, feverish pandemic growth is now followed by layoffs

Nov 7, 2022
Jobs losses at Meta and others could be an indicator of wider cuts in other industries.
Meta is reportedly planning to lay off thousands of employees this week, joining several other big companies in downsizing.
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Twitter's messy layoffs show how not to communicate firings

Nov 4, 2022
Big hint: probably not via email. HR and management experts say a conversation is important.
Twitter — perhaps an example of how not to handle layoffs.
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