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'Tis the season for sugary treats: What pays the bills for this creative cookie business

Maddie Gartmann of Garty Goodies enjoys sweet success with special event orders and cookie decorating classes.
There's an enthusiastic customer base for Maddie Gartmann's cookie decorating classes. "Luckily, that's what I enjoy doing the most," she says.
Courtesy Gartmann

Fewer Americans are walking these days. What gives?

Nov 14, 2023
Linda Poon, staff writer at Bloomberg CityLab, talks about her reporting on why walking trips have declined since the start of the pandemic.
The U.S. "has generally not had a great walking track record compared to other countries. Cities here are generally built around cars," said Linda Poon, staff writer at Bloomberg CityLab.
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Owner of crafts and gift shop brings local artists' work to her community

Nov 8, 2023
Ashley Morken of Unglued in Fargo, North Dakota, has been expanding her staff and adjusting to new responsibilities.
Ashley Morken, owner of Unglued in Fargo, North Dakota. "I really feel the responsibility to keep this sustainable, to be able to keep it going," she said.
Courtesy Morken

Small phones are hard to find

Nov 2, 2023
Makers seem to favor devices with much larger displays. Sean Hollister at The Verge recounts his search for a good small phone.
Customers are being directed toward phones with larger displays, like Apple's latest release, the iPhone 15 Pro.
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Renting a car comes with a truckload of hidden fees

Oct 20, 2023
"It would be much better for consumers to just know how much everything was going to cost us right off the bat," says Emily Stewart of Vox.
It can be hard to know how much a rental car will cost until you're paying the bill.
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Going solar isn't always sunshine and rainbows

For the early adopters of rooftop solar panels, maintaining and repairing faulty panels is a costly challenge of its own.
Many solar panel companies have gone out of business, making it hard for early adopters to repair faulty panels.
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Most millennials are homeowners now

Sep 28, 2023
Millennials have faced challenges to homeownership for years. Now, a slim majority of millennials own a home.
As of 2022, the majority of millennials now own homes.
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Did Burger King tell a whopper? Why false advertising suits are on the rise

Sep 20, 2023
Rebecca Tushnet of Harvard Law School explains the incentive behind companies making vague promises to consumers.
A class-action lawsuit accuses Burger King of falsely advertising the size of its Whopper.
Anne-Christine Poujoulat/AFP via Getty Images

Consumers are finding ways to justify spending, even if it busts their budget

Sep 5, 2023
The rebound from pandemic deprivation continues, says Adriana Samper of Arizona State, and the reasoning can get pretty creative.
Tolga Akmen/AFP via Getty Images

Why aren’t farmers using new tech?

Aug 30, 2023
Farmers haven’t been keen on adopting new agriculture technology despite its potential to revolutionize the industry.
A young farmer uses a tablet before working the fields. Connectivity and broadband access issues remain hurdles for the adoption of agtech in parts of the U.S.
Phillippe Desmazes/AFP via Getty Images