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Government report outlines web of problems impeding tribal access to federal funds

Dec 21, 2022
Among the issues were costly delays and confusing guidance from varying agencies.
The GAO's report shows how the rollout of tribal relief funding has been rocky.
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Tribal governments shore up infrastructure with federal pandemic aid

Mar 28, 2022
"The impact is going to be huge in Indian Country," one leader said. "Because we’ve never had an investment in our infrastructure."
Tribal governments are using CARES Act funding to invest in health care, high-speed internet, housing and food security.
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The moratorium on repaying federal direct student loans may finally be expiring

Mar 16, 2022
It's helped tens of millions of Americans, but its days may be numbered.
The administration proposed a student-loan repayment system based on earnings and family size in conjunction with its plan to cancel some student debt.
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What did – and didn’t – the Paycheck Protection Program do for small businesses?

A recent working paper took a deep dive into where PPP funds ended up. Marketplace’s senior economics contributor Chris Farrell argues the results highlight a much bigger challenge for policymakers.
President Joe Biden (L) visits W.S. Jenks & Son, a hardware store that has benefited from a Paycheck Protection Program loan, in Washington, DC, on March 9, 2021.
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Texas county returns millions in unspent federal rent relief

Dec 30, 2021
Montgomery County officials say there’s been minimal demand for county funds, but others say that’s because the county didn’t make it easily available to renters.
Houston-area renters line up for rent relief assistance at La Iglesia del Pueblo on July 5.
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How can the U.S. government better distribute funding to tribal governments?

Nov 4, 2021
A Harvard policy paper out this week on the government's pandemic relief effort calls on the Treasury Department to create a dedicated tribal affairs office.
The U.S. Treasury was widely criticized for how it distributed COVID relief funds to tribal governments.
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Lawsuits challenge states' authority to cut unemployment benefits

Jul 9, 2021
About half of states have ended at least some enhanced federal support, which were funded to run through September.
Several state lawsuits aim to challenge officials who are curtailing federal assistance for jobless workers before the September end date.
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For public good, not for profit.

Tribes plan for COVID relief spending, brace for challenges

Jun 7, 2021
The American Rescue Plan provides $20 billion in aid, but problems with the previous CARES Act rollout have made tribes vigilant.
The American Rescue Plan includes $20 billion for tribal governments. But hitches in the aid provided by the CARES Act in 2020 prevented full and effective use of the funds.
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Black communities saw a boost in entrepreneurship during the pandemic

May 25, 2021
Black Americans were more likely to create businesses than whites, yet they are still underrepresented among entrepreneurs.
One reason for the surge in Black business formation could be that Americans have increased their understanding of historic inequality.
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Fed Chair: Rise in inflation not "particularly large" from $1.9 trillion rescue package

Mar 23, 2021
Powell told lawmakers Tuesday that the “effect on inflation will be neither particularly large nor persistent,” from the $1.9 trillion rescue plan.
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen testified before the House Financial Services Committee Tuesday.
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