Andy Uhler



Andy Uhler is the former Texas-based reporter for Marketplace, based in Austin.

He joined Marketplace team from the Texas Standard, an hour-long news program produced at KUT in Austin, Texas. Prior to that, he was a natural resources policy analyst at the Texas Legislature as part of a global policy studies master’s program at the University of Texas at Austin. He was also the senior producer for the music journalism program Texas Music Matters, and he worked as a co-host for NPR Music’s festival coverage.

Andy's reporting tended to focus on the energy industry and agriculture in Texas. Every now and again, though, he got to report on sports. When that happened, don't be surprised if the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers or Dallas Mavericks entered the conversation.

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The dollar's value has been slipping over the past few months

Jan 2, 2023
The currency's dip could be due to the prospect of a weakened U.S. economy in 2023.
The value of the dollar has dipped as the economic outlook for the U.S. has soured.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Are we still 30 years away from fusion energy? Some think the timeline's shrinking.

Dec 22, 2022
Last week, the Department of Energy said scientists had ignited a fusion reaction that created more energy than was needed to sustain it. 
U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm discusses the breakthrough in nuclear fusion research by scientists at a government lab.
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

Europe steeled itself for high natural gas prices, but now they are falling

Dec 16, 2022
The decrease isn't because Europe is building more pipelines. In fact, you can put much of it down to luck.
Neptune, one of several ships that will serve as a floating storage and regasification unit for Germany, will allow the country to import liquefied natural gas.
Danny Gohlke/AFP via Getty Images

What's a "carbon border adjustment mechanism," and what does it mean for U.S. exports?

Dec 14, 2022
The EU already imposes an environmental charge on EU-made goods. Its new plan would assess the same charge on imports.
The European Union implemented the world’s first tax on the carbon content of imported goods Tuesday. Above, a container ship at the port of Hamburg, Germany.
Gregor Fischer/Getty Images

Heating oil costs are up — and that's bad news for the Northeast

Dec 12, 2022
In New England and other northeastern states where heating oil is a common fuel, it's going to cost more to stay warm this winter.
Staying warm in the winter is going to become more expensive, especially in the Northeast.
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Troubled trading app Robinhood hopes to lure back users — with retirement accounts

Dec 9, 2022
Federal regulators fined the platform $70 million last year for misleading customers into potentially risky stock trades. The company is now hoping to lure new users with its fee-free individual retirement accounts.
This photo illustration shows the logo of trading application Robinhood on a mobile phone in Arlington, Virginia on January 28, 2021.
Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

By 2025, coal will no longer be the main way to generate the world's electricity

Dec 8, 2022
The latest report from the International Energy Agency says renewables are replacing fossil fuels at power plants at a pace that's faster than expected.
A report from the International Energy Agency says coal's spot in the energy hierarchy will be passed by renewables.
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If you asked Santa for a break at the gas pump, you may get your Christmas wish

Dec 7, 2022
It's not the most wrappable holiday gift, but it's a popular one. Here's why we're seeing a dip in oil prices.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Mayonnaise eggnog? Here's why brands still gamble on wacky food promotions

Dec 6, 2022
Whether you view Hellmann's suggestion to sub mayo for eggs in eggnog as revolting or merely unconventional, you're already thinking about Hellmann's. And that's the point.
Imagine this, but with mayo. However you react is what companies are willing to gamble on.
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What Target's poor third-quarter results say about the retail sector

Nov 16, 2022
The company missed profit expectations, and its leadership is warning of a soft holiday season.
“In some ways, Target is a microcosm for what's happening in retail,” says Neil Saunders, managing director at GlobalData, a retail research firm.
Scott Olson/Getty Images