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Savannah Maher

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Retailers wielding holiday discounts as competitive weapon

Nov 27, 2023
Instead of marking down items to clear inventory, retailers are using discounts to draw customers away from competitors.
Sales from post-Thanksgiving promotions could influence what the rest of the holiday shopping season looks like.
Yuki Iwamura/AFP via Getty Images

Will retailers risk rolling back the generous return policies shoppers love?

Nov 24, 2023
Free online returns and 60-day windows are popular but cost companies money. Some e-commerce players are experimenting with changes.
Some companies are trying to prevent costly returns by providing detailed product information and experimenting with virtual try-ons.
Emily Elconin/Getty Images

Indigenous workers are poorly represented in tech jobs that pay well, study finds

Nov 23, 2023
Barriers to high-paying tech jobs start early for Native people, according to a report by the Kapor Foundation and AISES.
Just 20% of high schools on reservations offer computer science courses, according to a report by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society and the Kapor Foundation.
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Outdoor recreation contributed over $1 trillion to U.S. economic output last year

Nov 20, 2023
Newly released data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis also found the industry made outsized contributions to the economies of states like Wyoming, Alaska, Florida and Vermont.
The Bureau of Economic Analysis found that outdoor recreation now now makes up 2.2% of the U.S. GDP.
George Frey/Getty Images

Credit barriers, food sovereignty among discussions at Native American summit

Nov 17, 2023
Tribal leaders from around the U.S. gathered in New Orleans for the National Congress of American Indians to share knowledge and discuss policy priorities.
Above, a family feeds chickens on the Belknap Indian Reservation in Montana. One of the priorities discussed by tribal leaders in New Orleans this week was food sovereignty.
Amy Toensing/Getty Images

Postmaster DeJoy wanted to make a government service profitable. It's not happening.

Nov 16, 2023
This week the U.S. Postal Service announced a $6.5 billion net loss for the fiscal year ending September 30.
The USPS is a service that, historically, has almost never turned a profit. 
Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

NBA's in-season tournament aims to attract more — and earlier — viewers

Nov 15, 2023
Major league sports are getting more creative at a time when just 16% of Americans follow a team "very" or "extremely" closely.
Ohio State Buckeyes mascot Brutus Buckeye pretends to sleep as the Michigan Wolverines starting lineup is announced. Turns out, most Americans are sleeping on sports too.
Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

House GOP threatens to defund office that studies, advocates for working women

Nov 14, 2023
House Republicans recommended eliminating the budget for the Labor Department's Women's Bureau. Here's what could be lost if that happens.
House Republicans have recommended eliminating the $23 million budget of the Women's Bureau as a cost-cutting measure.
Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

How a delayed farm bill would affect the agriculture sector

Nov 10, 2023
If an extension or replacement bill isn't passed by the new year, there could be major consequences for farmers and consumers.
The farm bill was last updated in 2018. It's more expensive to grow food now, but the legislation doesn't reflect those changes.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Should public transit be a free service? One city just said yes.

Nov 9, 2023
Albuquerque, New Mexico, makes its free-bus-fare experiment permanent. In many cities, though, riders value quality of service over cost.
Investments in the quality of transit are more likely to boost ridership than low-cost or free fares, says Sarah Kaufman of NYU.
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