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Large banks, including J.P. Morgan Chase, are creating a system to reimburse customers who fall victim to scams.
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Next week's economic data will tell us a lot

Nov 25, 2022
Reports on inflation, consumer confidence and jobs will be consequential. We asked economists to point out the most important items.
"If consumers were truly, truly worried," says economist Jennifer Lee, discretionary spending on things like restaurant lunches "would be one of the first areas they would cut back on."
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Telework could help tribes curb outmigration, but Native workers are being left behind

Nov 18, 2022
Native people are overrepresented in “essential” fields, and underrepresented in office jobs that are more likely to allow telework. 
Native people are disproportionately left out of telework, according to a recent Brookings  Institution report.
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FCC readies broadband map to help allocate funds for higher speeds

Nov 17, 2022
Identifying where high-speed internet is available has been tricky. But the map may give officials a better idea of who's left out.
The new map may address stubborn inequality in the reach of broadband internet. Tribal and rural communities could benefit.
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Retailers hope for a holiday season that's more predictable, less wonky

Nov 14, 2022
A few other things retailers want: a steady pace of spending and to unload excess inventory.
"Retailers are almost wishing for a more steady pace of holiday spending rather than a mad dash to those holiday sales," said Wells Fargo economist Shannon Seery.
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Farmers feeling the effects as drought slows shipping on the Mississippi

Nov 9, 2022
Since the river isn't as deep as it normally is, some barges have had to lighten their loads.
Barges stranded by low water sit at the Port of Rosedale along the Mississippi River on Oct. 20, 2022.
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Supreme Court to hear challenge to Indian Child Welfare Act — and a lot is at stake

Nov 7, 2022
The Indian Child Welfare Act sought to address a history of cultural dispossession. Now, it's being threatened by a Supreme Court case.
Clarisse Harris, a foster parent to Native children, was raised before the passage of the Indian Child Welfare Act. Now, the ICWA — which helped facilitate those placements — is in legal peril. 
Photo illustration: Dylan Miettinen/Marketplace. Photos: Getty Images, Clarisse Harris

Why the travel and hospitality industries need business travel to make a comeback

Oct 24, 2022
Revenue from hosting companies' off-site meetings, client dinners and events both strengthens and steadies this industry's bottom line.
A return to normalcy for business travel means positive impacts for hotels and their bottom line.
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When prescribed burns spiral into devastating wildfires, who pays the price?

Oct 21, 2022
A prescribed burn that went awry in New Mexico has some questioning the value of the practice, but scientists say we need prescribed burns more than ever because of climate change.
A scorched structure and vehicle stand on a property mostly destroyed by the Hermits Peak/Calf Canyon Fire on June 2 near Las Vegas, New Mexico.
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Disappearance of Alaska snow crabs means some businesses might disappear, too

Oct 21, 2022
Scientists don't know exactly why some 7 billion crabs are missing from the waters around the state, but the impact on fishing-related industries is much less mysterious.
Local fishing around Alaska has felt the impact of billions of snow crabs missing from the surrounding waters.
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