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Chris Farrell is economics editor of Marketplace Money, a nationally syndicated one-hour weekly personal finance show produced by American Public Media. Chris is also economics correspondent for Marketplace, the largest business program in broadcasting and chief economics correspondent for American RadioWorks, the largest producer of long-form documentaries in public radio. He is also contributing economics editor at Business Week magazine. He was host and executive editor of public television’s Right on the Money. He is the author of two books: Right on the Money: Taking Control of Your Personal Finances, and Deflation: What Happens When Prices Fall. Chris is a graduate of Stanford and the London School of Economics.

Latest Stories from Chris (2,306)

How long will your retirement savings live?

by Chris Farrell May 8, 2014
What's scarier than dying young? Living longer without enough savings.

More work study, less financial aid?

by Chris Farrell Apr 24, 2014
Should the government encourage more college students to enter work study programs rather than apply for large financial aid packages?

What would a post-Fannie and Freddie world look like?

by Chris Farrell Mar 13, 2014
Many want the quasi-governmental outfits snuffed out for good

Looking to start a business? Family first

by Chris Farrell Feb 21, 2014
How to fund your business idea when banks won't lend.

How healthcare reform aims to control healthcare inflation

by Chris Farrell Feb 4, 2014
The new health insurance markets should moderate healthcare costs.

The current state of state finances

by Chris Farrell Jan 16, 2014
Most states are doing good when it comes to their balance sheet, even capturing that elusive word -- surplus!

Stocks in 2013: All sugar rush, no substance?

by Chris Farrell Jan 2, 2014
The stock markets saw huge gains last year, but are investors just on a sugar high?

The Fed isn't worried about inflation. But should it worry about deflation?

by Chris Farrell Dec 19, 2013
The Fed is not worried about inflation right now. But should it also worry about the opposite? Persistently falling prices, or deflation, can also wreck an economy.

The economic value of caring for your elderly parents

by Chris Farrell Dec 5, 2013
The Gross Domestic Product doesn’t count volunteer work at all, and that includes unpaid care-giving for a sick loved one. But with such high costs for elderly home care, there’s often no alternative, as Marketplace’s Chris Farrell says.

Are high tech hiring systems keeping Americans out of work?

by Chris Farrell Nov 21, 2013
Marketplace's Chris Farrell is worried that the skilled workers employers say they can't find are there, but algorithms are screening them out.

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