Nic Perez

Assistant Producer/Director


Nicolas Perez is an assistant producer with the “Marketplace Morning Report” where he directs the live airings of the show five times a day. 

Before joining Marketplace, he was an editorial assistant for the Los Angeles Times where he helped produce the newspaper’s flagship podcast, “The Times.” He also worked as an assistant producer and apprentice news clerk on the public affairs program “AirTalk” out of NPR member station LAist in Los Angeles. He was previously a co-editor for the opinion section of the UC Irvine’s campus newspaper, New University, as well as a news intern for their radio station, KUCI-FM (88.9). 

Nic is originally from the city of Manteca in the heart of California’s central valley. In his free time he enjoys reading science fiction novels, playing and making video games, and looking at his phone.

Latest Stories (8)

Why the last mile in the Federal Reserve's inflation fight has been uphill

It's taking a longer time for the broader economy to feel the impact of higher interest rates, in part because of debts locked in when rates were lower.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

How Georgia is training workers to make EVs at Hyundai's massive Metaplant

Jun 12, 2024
The partnership between the state and the company, which includes tax incentives, could result in the production of 300,000 cars a year.
Construction of Hyundai's Metaplant, which is expected to employ 8,500 workers, underway in October 2023.
Courtesy Hyundai

Learning on the job — and earning competitive pay — at the Savannah River Site

Jun 11, 2024
The Savannah River Site, run by the U.S. Department of Energy, is looking to hire — and help train — 9,000 new employees over the next five years.
Workers at the Savannah River Site are trained in skills ranging from processing spent fuel rods pulled from nuclear reactors to dimming down highly toxic plutonium.
Savannah River Site/YouTube

A look at how Georgia is training up production crews for its expanding film industry

Jun 10, 2024
Georgia's controversial film production tax credits have helped it become the "Hollywood of the South." That means the state needs trained production staff.
To make a production run smoothly, you need dozens of well-trained, behind-the-scenes workers.
ppengcreative/Getty Images

Vanderbilt will soon cost $100,000 a year for some students. How did we get here?

Apr 8, 2024
While Vanderbilt offers merit aid and need-based financial aid, its high sticker cost says a lot about college affordability in the U.S.
The cost for some students at Vanderbilt University for the 2024-25 school year? North of $98,000.
BugsMeanee via Wikimedia Commons

Why Microsoft is switching up its Xbox strategy

Feb 16, 2024
Microsoft sees the change in strategy as a revenue opportunity, explains Tom Warren, senior editor at The Verge.
Why might Xbox want to bring Xbox-exclusive games to rival consoles? For "the revenue opportunity," said The Verge's Tom Warren.
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

What makes Japan’s economy the odd man out? 

In an effort to stimulate a sluggish economy, the government got creative and started applying negative interest rates.
Bank of Japan Governor Kazuo Ueda speaks at a press conference.
Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP via Getty Images

Cataloging the top objects of 2023

"Whe more digital we get, the more we crave these sort of physical manifestations of the digital," says Rob Walker.
"The more digital we get, the more we crave these sort of physical manifestations of the digital and the digital world amplifies physical things," says Rob Walker.
Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images