For state workers, revenue decreases mean job cuts

Sep 4, 2020
In Texas, leaders have already asked some departments to trim their budgets.
A Kentucky elementary school teacher leading an online class. Among the most vulnerable government workers are those in education and health care.
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

A 2018 Supreme Court tax decision is helping state budgets during the pandemic

Sep 3, 2020
Ruling enabling states to collect sales taxes on online purchases turned out to be key.
States are collecting substantial online sales tax revenue while some other forms of commerce shrink.
Mapodile/Getty Images

As tax income shrivels, state budgets face a pandemic reckoning

Jul 29, 2020
Many states don't have the luxury of borrowing to get through the crisis. Without more federal aid, they have few options
A cleaning crew disinfects a New York City subway car. Much of the money states received from the federal government has gone toward preventing the spread of the coronavirus.
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

45 states just started a new fiscal year. None are celebrating.

Jul 8, 2020
Tax revenue is down, expenditures are up and the future's uncertain.
Public health workers in Denver check in with people waiting to be tested for COVID-19 in March. The fight against the pandemic has contributed to state budget shortfalls.
Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images

States enter hurricane season with pandemic-strained budgets

Jun 3, 2020
Many states have already used their regular emergency funds battling the virus, and frontline workers may be exhausted.
Hurricane Irma reaches Florida in 2017. Scientists predict a destructive hurricane season this year.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

State workers under pressure to keep up with soaring unemployment

Apr 10, 2020
The incredible surge in claims is putting a huge amount of pressure on the public service workers processing them.
An unemployment agency office is currently closed because of COVID-19 in Detroit, Michigan on March 26, 2020.
Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images

States increase spending at fastest clip since the recession

Nov 21, 2019
States spent money on education, infrastructure and transportation.
Many states used funds from higher gas taxes to drive an increase in transportation-related funding.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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Illinois cuts off funding for its public universities

Mar 18, 2016
A budget fight has left both schools and students in the lurch.
Inside the Chicago State University student union, where banners for a recent gathering highlight some of the schools core values.
Nova Safo/Marketplace

States recover, but can't go on a spending spree

Feb 19, 2016
The states' economies are improving, but unevenly.
Pumpjacks near Watford City, North Dakota. States like North Dakota and Alaska that boomed when oil prices were high are now hurting.
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Sales tax holidays: A lot of hype for a little saving

Aug 13, 2014
They're bad for budgets, but Americans love our state sales tax holidays.