Airlines, Treasury Department strike deal for $25 billion bailout

Apr 15, 2020
The deal comes with strings attached: For one thing, 30% of the money is going to have to be paid back.
Ten major airlines have signed onto the deal.
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COVID-19 stimulus proposals revive stock buyback debate

Mar 20, 2020
The big U.S. airlines spent almost all of their free cash flow buying back their own shares in the last decade. Now they want government aid.
Sen. Chuck Schumer said U.S. airlines are short on cash because "they spent billions on stock buybacks."
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Is it time yet for the government to bail out some large companies hurt by COVID-19?

Mar 20, 2020
If the government does bail out airlines and other industries, what might be required of those companies?
President Trump said Thursday he supports the U.S. taking equity stakes in companies that receive assistance.
Evan Vucci-Pool/Getty Images

The Trump administration considers ways to help the travel industry

Mar 11, 2020
Whatever you do, don't call it a "bailout."
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, center, emphasized that the Trump administration's economic response to COVID-19 should not be considered a bailout.
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What did America buy with the auto bailout, and was it worth it?

Nov 13, 2018
About $80 billion helped save GM and Chrysler, but autoworkers and auto-dependent communities haven't fully recovered.
From left, G. Richard Wagoner Jr., CEO of General Motors; Robert Nardelli, CEO of Chrysler; and Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford, testify at a hearing on the U.S. auto industry on Capitol Hill on Dec. 5, 2008. GM and Chrysler were bailed out with TARP funds; Ford  received other federal assistance.
Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

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Is generosity enough to prop up this post-recession town?

Apr 19, 2017
Janesville, Wisconsin's resources are stretched thin after GM left the city and took jobs with it.
“I wanted to tell the story of a perfectly ordinary place that had lost a slew of jobs in the Great Recession,” said author Amy Goldstein.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

What teachers in Greece think about the latest bailout

May 26, 2016
Many students don’t see a future for themselves in Greece, according to two educators.
Hundreds of school pupils demonstrate in central Athens on November 2, 2015, protesting against staff, books and infrastructure shortages. The union of secondary school teachers, OLME, was holding a three-hour stoppage to participate in the protest, demanding funds for education. 

Help arrives for (some) underwater homeowners

Apr 15, 2016
Mortgage holders who are delinquent and hold too much debt get a federal break .
An eviction team removes furniture during a home foreclosure on September 21, 2011 in Longmont, Colorado. 
John Moore/Getty Images