What Biden's executive order on policing does, and doesn't do

May 27, 2022
The National Urban League's Marc Morial says the order is limited and not a replacement for legislation.
President Joe Biden signs an executive order on police reform in the East Room of the White House on May 25, 2022 in Washington, DC.
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For police equipment company, body camera business has been booming

Aug 3, 2020
Body cameras have become a point of debate over police accountability.
Body cameras have become a critical point of debate over police accountability, but some worry about the equipment infringing on protesters' privacy.
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How police departments got billions of dollars of tactical military equipment

The program that sends surplus weapons to local law enforcement has drawn criticism in the wake of nationwide protests against police brutality.
Amid protests, some want to end the program that sends military gear to local law enforcement agencies. Above, police ride an armored vehicle on May 31 in Bellevue, Washington.
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Implicit bias training for police officers is big business

Jun 2, 2020
But does the training change behaviors? Some researchers say it's hard to measure effectiveness.
While research has shown improvements with some techniques, there aren’t really any standards for bias training.
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FBI says new data on police use of force is coming this summer

Jun 1, 2020
The FBI also says that just over 40% of law enforcement officers are contributing to the National Use-of-Force Data Collection.
The participation of law enforcement agencies in this program, to track when officers use lethal force or seriously injure someone, is voluntary.
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The tech tool for police accountability that's like "Yelp for cops"

Jul 24, 2018
And how it's the latest in a series of policing data initiatives that top brass officers have used to shape American policing.
Protesters scuffle with police during a march against police violence in Manhattan in 2015.
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Is meditation the answer to aggressive policing?

May 4, 2018
Some first responders are focusing on their mental well-being so they can respond more compassionately to those they serve.
First responders practice guided meditation as part of Richard Goerling’s mindfulness workshop in Hillsboro, Oregon.
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For public good, not for profit.

France is using drones to catch dangerous drivers

Nov 13, 2017
Bordeaux-area police have issued hundreds of fines since the summer.
The spy in the sky.
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Legal marijuana creates an industry for new breathalyzers

Oct 24, 2017
A number of companies are trying to develop tests that can be used by law enforcement to determine if drivers are impaired.
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Should local police departments have sophisticated military gear?

Aug 28, 2017
A policy reversal from the government could mean grenade launchers, bayonets and night-vision goggles for law enforcement.
A police officer in riot gear stands guard outside City Hall during a protest in Los Angeles, California on November 2016.