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Is it ever OK to ask children to translate for their parents in emergency situations?

Aug 15, 2017
Immigrant parents often depend on their children to translate for them.
Ft. Wayne police now carry language identifier notebooks with them as a way to determine and locate appropriate interpretation services. 
Erika Celeste/for Marketplace

In the police body camera business, the real money's on the back end

Apr 18, 2017
Departments that agree to a proprietary software system can then be chained to a product to manage the data.
Axon body cameras that just came off the production line.
Jimmy Jenkins

DOJ will review consent decrees at police departments across the nation

Apr 4, 2017
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered the Department of Justice to take a close look at consent decrees in place at police departments across the country. They’re agreements a local police department signs on to after the department’s civil rights division investigates its policing practices, often in the wake of a high-profile shooting or […]

Drones to help with Indiana search and rescue efforts

Feb 24, 2017
The state's Department of Natural Resources says flying an unmanned aircraft is a cheaper and faster alternative to other methods, including helicopters.
Pilot Matt Garringer, with the Indiana DNR,  explains how a drone equipped with a video camera and GPS, could be used for search and rescue. 
Erika Celeste

Are autonomous robots the future of mall security?

Jan 12, 2017
One company's plan to use robots to fight crime.
Knightscope robot security guards. 
Courtesy Katie Long

Policing the streets with military hardware

Sep 29, 2016
Craig Atkinson's documentary "Do Not Resist" looks at the militarization of American law enforcement.
Riot police block off a ramp to a highway during a demonstration against police brutality in Charlotte, North Carolina, on September 22, 2016 following the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by police two days earlier and two nights of riots.
Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

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Taser's body camera contracts come under scrutiny

May 3, 2016
Critics say the use of "piggybacking" contracts isn't fair to competitors.
A Washington, D.C., officer wears a Taser body camera. Taser dominates the market, and critics say the company has an unfair advantage.

Controversial civil forfeiture program back in action

Apr 6, 2016
Under federal and state law, police can seize cash if they suspect a crime.
Alda Gentile with her grandson, Daniel. In 2012, police seized more than $11,500 from her while she was traveling from Florida to New York. 
Courtesy of Alda Gentile

Proposed LA law would provide storage units for the homeless

Mar 30, 2016
The city with one of the biggest homeless populations tries a new approach to clearing homeless encampments.
A homeless encampment on December 11, 2000 in Los Angeles, California. 
David McNew/Newsmakers