Home prices firm up but lenders stay skittish

Jul 24, 2012
Housing prices continue to firm up, but banks still aren’t confident in the housing or job markets to loan to anyone but the safest borrowers.
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With new foreclosure data, a look at the housing market

Jul 12, 2012
We're getting some new data this morning about the housing market. The foreclosure listing company RealtyTrac says there was an uptick in foreclosure activity last month, but it's down compared with a year ago. Which brings us to the eternal question: Has the housing market finally hit bottom?
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The cost of foreclosure

Jun 22, 2012
How much does it cost to go through the foreclosure process?
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Latest public health problem: Foreclosures

Jun 22, 2012
The stress of foreclosure is causing ill health for some.
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Banks warm to short sales for strapped homeowners

May 31, 2012
Pre-foreclosure sales are offering more relief in the tough housing market.
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Advocates fight for candidates to address foreclosures

May 31, 2012
Today housing advocacy groups from 22 cities and 17 states are launching a campaign to force the presidential candidates to address the specific topic of foreclosures.
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Wall Street firms may rent out Fannie foreclosures

Mar 19, 2012
Some of Wall Street's biggest firms want to bid on pools of foreclosed properties being sold by Fannie Mae to rent them out. What does that mean for investors and how might it affect homeowners?
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The mortgage settlement may cost taxpayers

Feb 17, 2012
A report says U.S. taxpayers may end up on the losing side of the multi-billion-dollar housing settlement between banks and states. Former TARP Inspector General Neil Barofsky explains how we may be bailing out big banks again.
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Nevadans scrutinize $25 billion foreclosure settlement

Feb 13, 2012
Banks will pay out billions over questionable foreclosure practices, like robo-signing. Will homeowners in hard-hit Nevada feel relief?
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Who benefits from the national mortgage settlement?

Feb 10, 2012
The settlement between states and banks is worth $250 billion, but few homeowners benefit.
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