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Fall of the Berlin Wall

The unintended consequences of German reunification

by Rose Conlon Nov 11, 2019
"We all started to realize that life was just going to be different."
A person touches a segment of the Berlin wall at the Bernauerstrasse wall memorial on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, on November 9, 2019 in Berlin.
John MacDougall/AFP via Getty Images
Fall of the Berlin Wall

East Germany still reeling from the economic aftermath of the Berlin Wall

by Stephen Beard Nov 8, 2019
Many Eastern Germans celebrate freedom but mourn the loss of economic security.
A couple attempts to peek through cracks in a still-existing section of the Berlin Wall into the so-called 'death strip,' where East German border guards had the order to shoot anyone attempting to flee into West Berlin.
Carsten Koall/Getty Images
Fall of the Berlin Wall

How Reno, Nevada, turned its economy into a small powerhouse

by David Brancaccio, Rose Conlon, Daniel Shin, and Erika Soderstrom Nov 8, 2019
Mayor Hillary Schieve said playing on the region's strengths and diversifying its economy helped revive the struggling, post-recession city.
A neon sign welcomes people to Reno, Nevada.
Keystone/Getty Images
Fall of the Berlin Wall

Can we learn something from German investment after reunification?

by Candace Manriquez Wrenn and David Brancaccio Nov 7, 2019
On the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, we're contrasting that economic picture with the steep economic division in the U.S. today.
East Berliners climb onto the Berlin Wall to celebrate the effective end of the city's partition, 31st December 1989.
Steve Eason/Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Fall of the Berlin Wall

Automation is likely to leave some local economies behind

by David Brancaccio and Rose Conlon Nov 6, 2019
Without intervention, the disparity between thriving and lagging economies will worsen.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Fall of the Berlin Wall

Itemizing Germany's $2 trillion bill for reunification

by Stephen Beard Nov 5, 2019
After the Berlin Wall came down, the German government poured billions in to the Eastern states. Was the money well spent?
People walk past a section of the former Berlin Wall called the East Side Gallery in 2010, marking the 20th anniversary of reunification in Berlin.
Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Fall of the Berlin Wall

30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany recalls the economic gulf between East and West

by Stephen Beard Nov 4, 2019
In 1989, Germany was divided by much more than a concrete wall: West and East were separated by stark economic differences.
West Berliners crowd in front of the Berlin Wall early Nov. 11, 1989, as they watch East German border guards demolishing a section of the wall between East and West Berlin.
Gerard Malie/AFP via Getty Images

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