How to better match veterans' talents with civilian opportunities

Many veterans lack college degrees, but the skills they acquire in military service can benefit employers, a McKinsey report shows.
A new report from McKinsey argues that hiring should focus more on skills and less on college degrees.
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Hundreds of thousands of younger veterans go uninsured, new report finds

Nov 10, 2023
The Urban Institute has released a new report saying that roughly 400,000 veterans under 65 go without coverage. But expanded Medicaid could help.
"A little under 5% of veterans below age 65 remain without coverage,” said Jessica Banthin at the Urban Institute’s Health Policy Center.
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Many LGBTQ veterans face long waits for access to benefits

Dec 23, 2020
Veterans with discharges linked to their sexual orientation may be denied benefits until getting a discharge upgrade. But the process can take years.
The type of discharge a veteran has matters for the types of benefits they receive and can affect future employment.
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HUD voucher program funding has helped veterans at risk of homelessness

Dec 11, 2020
Experts say the "housing first" model is an example of how to deal with housing insecurity for all Americans.
The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced this week it is giving out $46 million more in rental assistance and housing vouchers to help veterans at risk of homelessness.
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U.S. Postal Service is a big employer of veterans

Aug 19, 2020
The USPS says veterans make up roughly one-sixth of its workforce.
The federal pension the USPS offers is one part of what makes the job attractive to veterans.
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How veterans are faring in the tight labor market

Sep 5, 2019
One out of every 10 businesses in the U.S. is owned by veterans, and most of those are small businesses. But, like the rest of American workers, low unemployment is changing how they are entering the workforce.
Veterans attend the first Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Job Fair for Veterans in Los Angeles, California on September 14, 2016.
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VA expands veteran access to private sector medicine

Jun 6, 2019
The New York Times called it “the biggest shift in the American health care system since the passage of the Affordable Care Act.”
A man walks by the Department of Veterans Affairs, July 27, 2017, in Washington, DC.

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How the government shutdown is affecting federal employees who are veterans

Jan 15, 2019
The partial government shutdown left some 800,000 federal employees without a paycheck last week, and a lot of military veterans are among that number. Nearly a third of workers in federal executive branch agencies are veterans, and according to the Office of Personnel Management, they’re heavily concentrated in law enforcement departments, meaning that many of […]

How VA-trained psychiatrists are bringing their skills to civilians with PTSD

Nov 28, 2018
PTSD treatment so far has focused mostly on veterans, but that's changing.
PTSD treatment so far has focused mostly on veterans, but that's changing.
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Can apps help veterans suffering from PTSD?

Nov 12, 2018
Experts, and vets themselves, say yes.
Robert Wake, an Iraq war veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, talks to physical therapist Nicole Bormann before a session in the VA Medical Center August 10, 2009 in St Louis, Missouri. 
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