Stress tests aim to reveal banks' weaknesses. More banks will probably have to run them.

Mar 22, 2023
But the probes can't uncover every problem before trouble erupts.
The Federal Reserve may have to modify its stress tests to account for the changing sources of stress on banks.
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The Fed says big banks have passed their COVID-era stress tests

Jun 25, 2020
But the central bank is putting a stop to share buybacks and limiting bank dividends.
The Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C.
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Stress tests for banks aren't designed for a downturn as severe as this one

Apr 6, 2020
Today's news is worse — and coming faster — than in the scenarios the central bank tests for.
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Fed exempts 17 banks from stress tests this year

Jun 21, 2019
The move carries risks but takes the burden of annual reviews off relatively smaller banks.
An American Express flag blows in the wind in front of corporate headquarters in New York City. American Express Co. is one of 17 banks exempt from this year's stress test.
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Should banks get an early peek at stress tests?

Sep 15, 2016
A new report argues the process for developing the tests should be more open.

How bank stress tests are like restaurant inspections

Mar 12, 2015
The DOH does snap inspections, whereas banks have plenty of time to prepare.

Banks prepare for round two of stress tests

Mar 11, 2015
Results are due Wednesday and not all banks might pass this time.

For public good, not for profit.

Stressed out? Banks get the Fed's diagnosis

Mar 7, 2013
As the Federal Reserve issues its annual stress test results for big banks, the question is do they have enough cash to survive a deep recession, a 50 percent stock market fall and 12 percent unemployment?

What to take away from the Fed's stress tests

Mar 14, 2012
Probing deeper into the cracks that emerged when the Federal Reserve did the torture test on banks, it's tough to get past the few that did not make the grade.