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Sky-high California housing prices are forcing house hunters east

Jun 26, 2018
Silicon Valley's housing market is so hot, a house that caught on fire sold for almost a million dollars. That's driving more and more Californians east.
San Jose real estate agent Holly Barr stands outside the burned-out house she sold for more than $900,000. 
Matt Levin, CALmatters

Companies offer private bus services to get young workers to commute from cities to the suburbs

Dec 18, 2017
As real estate in major cities continues to go up in price, companies are increasingly moving offices to the suburbs. In order to attract young workers from the cities, some companies offer private bus services for employees making the reverse commute.
Jennifer Fusco (left) and Laura Montero-Stern (right) on the Boston Scientific commuter bus in Massachusetts.
Aaron Schachter/ for Marketplace

The number of electrical car charging stations is rising, but does that mean wider adoption of electrical cars will follow?

Dec 11, 2017
Charging electric vehicles in 2017 can still be a hassle, and it leads some to rethink their purchase. Here’s how the industry, and even some government entities, are trying to address that.
A new electric vehicle charging station is seen near San Francisco city hall.
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

A rural Alaskan village established a reindeer herd to improve diet and boost economy

Dec 11, 2017
The isolated village of Port Heiden hopes reindeer, and a few other farm animals, may be the answer to expensive imported fresh food.
When Meshik Farm reindeer are not grazing on the tundra, they live in a pen the size of football field. 
Avery Lill/ for Marketplace

With low pay, finding qualified early childhood teachers remains a challenge in some areas

Nov 30, 2017
If the early childhood education system is a food chain, district-run preschool programs in California are the new big fish, gobbling up a lot of the resources – including qualified teachers.
Selma Sanchez, program director of the Child Development Consortium of Los Angeles, oversees ten child care centers. When the majority of staff at this Canoga Park center left for other jobs, she stepped in to pick up the slack.
Priska Neely/ for Marketplace

Suit seeks to stop Trump from naming acting director of CFPB

Nov 27, 2017
Leandra English, who was named interim director of the CFPB by its outgoing director, filed a lawsuit Sunday night.
President Donald Trump arrives for a meeting with House Republicans at the U.S. Capitol on Nov. 16.
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Potential for tariffs on imported steel divides the U.S. steel industry

Nov 24, 2017
U.S. steel manufacturers worried about competition as well as those that depend on cheaper foreign steel imports to keep their businesses running, eagerly await a decision.
Right to left: MAR-MAC INC. CEO John Martin and his son Jarrett Martin use raw steel produced in the U.S. and abroad at the plant in McBee, S.C.
Alexandra Olgin/ for Marketplace

Coastal area in Florida begins to plan for sea level rise

Nov 23, 2017
A small Florida city founded by rocket scientists eye building codes and zoning as a way to plan for future vulnerability.
City Manager Courtney Barker says for for Satellite Beach sea level rise represents an economic threat.
Amy Green/ for Marketplace

Agricultural workers in Sicily say the job is strenuous, the days are long and the wages are declining

Nov 23, 2017
Italy made $44 billion off of agricultural exports in 2016. Yet academics studying labor exploitation said worker wages are decreasing.
Rows of greenhouses can be seen from the roads leading to Vittoria, Sicily. Academics who study labor exploitation there say the daily wages have gone from 40 Euros in the past to as low as 15 Euros today. 
Lucia Benavides/ for Marketplace