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Adventures in Housing

Finding a new apartment is always tough. Then the pandemic hits

Mar 23, 2020
While Aziz Rubakovic's jobs shut down, his search for a new apartment had to continue.
A for rent sign outside a California house.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Adventures in Housing

Building a house, one log at a time

Feb 19, 2020
Brigitte Ruthman has always wanted to live in a log home. "It's like living in artwork," she said.
Brigitte Ruthman's cabin she built near Sandisfield, Massachusetts.
Courtesy of Brigitte Ruthman
Adventures in Housing

When hotel, casino and hospital parking lots become home

Jan 29, 2020
Living in his car has taught Jeremiah Othin a lot about the parking lots of Los Angeles.
Tim Boyle/Getty Images
Adventures in Housing

The multigenerational household

Jan 8, 2020
“There is no singular path to success or even home ownership in this country. You need to do what works for you.”
Mike and Silvia Kersh, Jill, Sam, Lucy, and Jack Weaver at their home in Pleasanton, California.
Courtesy of the Weavers
Adventures in Housing

Adventures in Housing: The Caretaker

Jan 6, 2020
If you're thinking cushy job with a free place to live, think again.
Craig Johnson (right) and his partner Carol Adams stand in front of the original hearth at Glen Fern in Philadelphia, PA.
Amy Scott/Marketplace
Adventures in Housing

Adventures in Housing: Holding out on a home to invest in something else

Nov 26, 2019
Zarrish Khan was about to buy a house when tragic news prompted a U-turn.
Zarrish Khan with her children, Hasan, left, and Mishal.
Photo courtesy of Zarrish Khan
Adventures in Housing

Adventures in Housing: Holding on to a family home

Oct 25, 2019
After Harvey, a Houston family faced a choice.
Chrishelle Palay in front of her house.
Amy Scott/Marketplace

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Adventures in Housing

Adventures in Housing: The "dream home" that became a reality

Oct 23, 2019
Laura Hamilton wanted her parents to have a home that they would never have to leave.
Laura Hamilton with per parents, Lyle and Jeanne Olson, near their new home in Culver, Oregon.
Photo courtesy of Laura Hamilton
Adventures in Housing

Housing costs force young Californians to live with their parents

Oct 11, 2019
Adults still live with their parents a decade after the Great Recession.
In California, some 37% of adults age 18 to 34 are living with at least one parent. Above, a suburban neighborhood in Highland, California.
David McNew/Getty Images
Adventures in Housing

Adventures in Housing: The boarding school dorm parents

Sep 30, 2019
Sometimes a housing story is actually a love story.
Bill and Margaret Enos met working as teachers in a boarding school. He was a dorm parent, she was a dorm parent, and then they were dorm parents together.
Photo courtesy of the Enos

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