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This regional banker cheered by sector's resilience, disturbed by potential regulation

Mar 12, 2024
Laurie Stewart of Sound Community Bank is confident a year after three banks failed, but credit risk and cyber threats are on her radar.
The failure of Silicon Valley Bank didn't foreshadow widespread disruptions in the industry, as many feared.
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Banks are still grappling with fallout of SVB's failure one year on

Mar 11, 2024
Regulators are more watchful, and banks are trying to be more resourceful.
The banking system was caught off guard by the problems at Silicon Valley Bank,  Signature Bank and First Republic Bank.
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What does it mean for a bank to find “material weaknesses”?

Mar 4, 2024
Regional lender New York Community Bancorp swapped out its CEO last week following the revelation of what it called “material weaknesses in the company’s internal controls.
New York Community Bank acquired nearly $40 billion in assets from Signature Bank last year. That rapid growth can make it hard for internal controls to keep up.
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A year after Silicon Valley Bank failed, lenders are still feeling pressure on all sides

Feb 23, 2024
Rising interest rates have cranked up the interest banks are paying depositors. But banks also have a lot of cash stuck in low-interest bonds and loans they made before the Federal Reserve started raising interest rates.
A lot of the problems that last year’s bank failures revealed are still troubling small and mid-sized banks today.
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How worried should we be about regional banks and commercial real estate?

A report from Moody’s Analytics finds there's trouble ahead, but it's more nuanced than a banking collapse due to empty offices.
New York Community Bancorp is only the latest regional bank to raise concerns about ties to commercial real estate.
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A year after the banking crisis, many small businesses are less worried about their deposits

Feb 12, 2024
Business owners have taken steps to protect their cash since three regional banks failed last year.
Because the FDIC only insures deposits up to $250,000, some small business owners have  spread their cash across different banks after last year's crisis.
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For public good, not for profit.

New York Community Bank's woes could signal trouble for other regional banks

Feb 7, 2024
A significant portion of NYCB's $252 million in losses last quarter came from losses on commercial real estate loans--a revenue source for other regional banks as well.
Last year, NYCB acquired Signature Bank after it failed. Almost a year later, the New York-based bank was given a junk credit rating by Moody's.
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Higher interest rates and troubled commercial real estate are piling pressure on regional banks

Jan 22, 2024
We'll be getting a sense of how they're doing as they report quarterly results this week.
A view inside a Silicon Valley Bank location in March 2023. Since the collapse of SVB, a lot of small and mid-sized banks have tried to stop depositors from pulling out their money by raising interest rates on deposits.
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Could commercial real estate still tank regional banks?

Dec 21, 2023
A new study says that 300 regional banks are at risk of collapse because of the high number of vacancies in office buildings.
The delinquency rate on office loans tripled this year, says Trepp's Stephen Buschbom.
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