Smoke from this season’s wildfires is worrying West Coast winemakers

by Marketplace Contributor Sep 29, 2017
Notes of ashtray or campfire in your pinot? Vineyards say smoky weather from this year’s wildfires could leave lasting mark on wines.
Jocelyn Bentley-Prestwich, the marketing manager at Cathedral Ridge Winery in Hood River, Oregon, tests the ripeness of the vineyard's Riesling grapes. 
Molly Solomon/ for Marketplace

The latest fight for employee rights: work schedule predictability

by Marketplace Contributor Sep 4, 2017
Worker rights advocates say unpredictable schedules, and dreaded "clopenings," take a toll on employees.
Nadine Vassallo, manager of independent bookseller Book Soup, in West Hollywood, California, schedules a 20-person staff with an Excel spreadsheet. 
Larry Buhl/ for Marketplace

New bike? In Oregon, that could mean a $15 tax

by Marketplace Contributor Aug 22, 2017
Cyclists in Oregon will soon pay a tax for their new wheels — the first bike tax in the nation.
Bike mechanic Barb Bohm-Becker hopes Oregon’s $15 sales tax will diffuse claims that cyclists don’t pay their share for infrastructure. 
Amanda Peacher/ for Marketplace

Wanted: qualified people who will work for yesterday's wages

by Mitchell Hartman Aug 3, 2017
The tight labor market is making it harder to hire without raising pay significantly.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Farmers in Oregon look to cash in on the solar eclipse

by Marketplace Contributor Jul 24, 2017
Farmers are renting out their fields to eager eclipse watchers.
Farmer Christina Carpenter gestures toward one of the fields that will host campers during August’s total solar eclipse. She and Grant Putnam (left) are taking advantage of the rare opportunity to host an eclipse festival on their farm, Organic Earthly Delights. 
Amanda Peacher/for Marketplace
Make Me Smart With Kai and Molly

A listen-along glossary for our conversation with Capt. Deborah Dempsey

by Jennie Josephson Jul 17, 2017
Don't worry, there's no quiz.
Mt. Hood rises in the background as the town of The Dalles is seen on the Columbia River June 15, 2006 in Oregon.
Craig Mitchelldyer/Getty Images

How one business is bracing for the upcoming solar eclipse

by Amy Scott Jul 14, 2017
One company tried to book the entire hotel four years out.
 A view of the full solar eclipse from Antalya, the southern coast of Turkey, in 2006.

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Oregon is ending last-minute scheduling for retail, hospitality workers

by Jana Kasperkevic Jun 30, 2017
Oregon is the first state to pass such a law.
Advanced scheduling is coming to Oregon.
Jean-Sebastien Evrard/AFP/Getty Images

Farming program aims to help addicts and their families

by Marketplace Contributor Nov 24, 2016
The program in southern Oregon uses volunteer work and clean eating to get parents clean.
A walk to the barn at Hanley Historic Farm.
Doug Lofdahl, Farm & Food Program

The state with the best economy is voting today

by Tony Wagner May 17, 2016
Oregonians head to the polls amidst the state's glowing financial health. How'd it get here?
Former President Bill Clinton speaks at Central Oregon Community College in support of democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on May 5, 2016, in Bend, Oregon.
ROB KERR/AFP/Getty Images

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