Biden opens doors to government jobs for military spouses

Mar 1, 2024
Guidelines may aid career prospects for group that tends to be un- and underemployed. Recruitment and retention of troops may benefit too.
President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden visit with Navy families in Norfolk, Virginia. Frequent relocation can make it hard for military spouses to hold down a job.
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How to better match veterans' talents with civilian opportunities

Many veterans lack college degrees, but the skills they acquire in military service can benefit employers, a McKinsey report shows.
A new report from McKinsey argues that hiring should focus more on skills and less on college degrees.
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For low-income military service members, inflation hits family budgets hard

Jul 13, 2022
Congress is considering a Pentagon funding bill that would continue a "basic needs allowance" for low-income service members.
Inflation has exacerbated food insecurity for some military families.
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Crews train in Boise in case wildfires require military muscle

Jul 4, 2022
The U.S. Forest Service has a military team it uses as backup to fight fires.
A military C-130 Hercules aircraft flies near Boise's airport, preparing to drop thousands of gallons of water as part of a firefighting training exercise.
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Russia faces a mounting bill for maintaining its invasion of Ukraine

Mar 23, 2022
In the long run, the country's economy will pay a high price.
From the costs for weapons and tanks to food, the invasion of Ukraine is likely costing Russia more than it anticipated.
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President Biden signs defense spending authorization bill into law

Dec 31, 2021
The defense spending authorization bill for fiscal year 2022 is a big increase from previous years. It's also more than the President originally requested. And compared to recent social spending legislation, the bill passed relatively smoothly.
President Joe Biden signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which will provide pay increases and expand paid family leave, into law this week.
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Military leaders encourage hesitant service members to get vaccinated

May 26, 2021
Many people in the military are already fully immunized. Others are taking more time to convince.
Spc. Lorrin Rice, 35 weeks pregnant, waiting to get vaccinated at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
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For public good, not for profit.

Trump administration moves to adapt military airwaves for 5G networks

It's a plan to free up space for commercial 5G signals so they're less likely to get blocked.
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said the move is a “a key milestone in securing United States leadership in 5G.”
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Congress investigates substandard military housing

Dec 3, 2019
Two hearings this week are the latest in an ongoing probe of privatized housing.
The main gate at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base in 2006 in Oceanside, California.
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Some tech employees don't want their work used by the military

Feb 27, 2019
But some military plans are banking on private partnerships.
Microsoft's HoloLens.
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