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Amazon makes a bigger bet on consumer appetite for grocery delivery

Dec 8, 2023
In its bid for a bigger bite out of the $800 billion-a-year grocery market, the company is testing a new delivery subscription.
"Nobody makes money on (grocery delivery)," says Phil Lempert, editor of Supermarket Guru. "It's more of a way to build a relationship with people."
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In Marrakesh, tourism is frozen. So is the economy.

May 28, 2020
A Marrakesh grocer weighs in why tourism is the biggest factor in his business.
A Morrocan woman wearing a protective mask walks through the nearly deserted Jamaa el-Fna square in Marrakesh on March 17, 2020, days before Moroccan authorities implemented a strict lockdown.
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Shopping in the gig economy after retirement

Dec 13, 2019
One retiree earns a little extra with a shopping app.
Shipt bags on display.
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Walmart will deliver groceries directly to some customers' fridges

Oct 15, 2019
The retail will live stream the deliveries to you ... if you're comfortable letting a stranger into your home.
Walmart will deliver groceries directly to your fridge. Above, a Walmart store in Troy, Ohio.
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Kroger taps into the demand for meat substitutes

Sep 12, 2019
The grocery chain joins companies like Hormel and Tyson which are also entering the market of meat alternatives.
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Communities are creating their own solutions to food deserts

May 21, 2018
Kroger say it’s closing about 40 stores nationwide. Many are in neighborhoods the U.S. Department of Agriculture already calls food deserts. That’s a place where food is hard to get, either because it’s too  far away or it’s not affordable. Kroger says the closed stores weren’t making money. As communities that used to depend on […]

The challenges of getting on grocery store shelves

Jan 3, 2017
Small food and beverage manufacturers often lack the distribution muscle to keep their products well stocked at stores.
Small food and beverage manufacturers lack distribution muscle, compared to some of their big name competitors

Annie Baxter/Marketplace

For public good, not for profit.

Amazon reportedly pursuing convenience store concept

Oct 12, 2016
The stores will reportedly give exclusive access to Amazon Fresh members.
There are reports that Amazon is planning a line of brick-and-mortar stores that Fresh members will get exclusive access to.
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Will Costco lose its valuable members to Amazon Prime?

Sep 29, 2016
Costco's membership fees are a big part of its business.
About 75 percent of Costco's operating income is from its membership fees.

The “deep, dark secret” that changes how you shop for groceries

Sep 28, 2016
Food companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in shelving fees to get their products prime placement at your local store.