Target seeks grocery lift from private-label foods

Aug 16, 2016
Target wants its in-house food brands to boost its grocery business.
Target culinary development scientist Catherine Potter experiments with a recipe that will go on the back of a package of meatballs under the store’s Simply Balanced brand. Target has been investing more energy in its in-house brands as it seeks to boost grocery sales.
Jeff Thompson/Marketplace

Target wants to know how you think about groceries

May 12, 2016
Target is testing how shoppers respond to information about foods' origins and freshness.
Seijen Takamura, the lead designer with the Food + Future coLab, talks to target shopper Nedra Henry.
Jeffrey Thompson

Ever wonder how coupons work?

Mar 28, 2016
2.4 billion paper coupons were redeemed last year alone.

Kroger store tries to shake off 'murder' moniker

Nov 26, 2014
In Atlanta, a case study in rebranding and how transit can reshape a neighborhood.

How El Niño will impact global food prices

Mar 12, 2014
It probably won't have a huge impact on your grocery bills.

Supermarkets are super tiny compared to Wal-Mart

Mar 7, 2014
In the grocery business, supermarkets are the underdog

Trader Joe's goes after Pirate Joe's for reselling products

Aug 23, 2013
The popular grocer is suing a small business owner for reselling its products in Canada.

For public good, not for profit.

Interactive: How far will $35 go at the grocery store through the decades?

Oct 26, 2012
Weather, speculation, and the economy all impact food prices. So are you paying more for groceries today than in decades past? Find out with the Marketplace Grocery Shop Simulator.

'Food Deserts' spread in rural America

Nov 23, 2011
As grocery stores close in small towns, fewer people have easy access to fresh food. Some communities are working to change that.

Walgreens plans to sell fresh food in 400 stores

Jan 13, 2011
Walgreens customers soon may be able to knock several items off their to-do list without having to leave the store. Pick up prescriptions - chec...