IBM uses big data to get smarter on energy

Aug 15, 2013
How the company translates tidal waves of real time data to make renewable energy plants more efficient by predicting the weather.
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IBM and Google earnings: An old bellwether and a new one

Jul 16, 2013
The earnings reports will certainly express some things about the state of the tech world, but also perhaps, the condition of the larger economy.
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IBM remakes its match

Dec 7, 2012
The tech giant is shifting its 401(k) plan to once-a-year matches instead of monthly payments.
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Golf's 'grass ceiling' on women

Mar 30, 2012
The Master's tournament tees off next week at the exclusive Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. It's tradition that CEOs of major tournaments sponsors are invited to join the all-male club. Thing is, the CEO of a major sponsor IBM is a woman.
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IBM shows off new storage techniques

Jan 13, 2012
Zeros and ones packed into a handful of atoms.
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The death of passwords

Jan 3, 2012
Can you remember your own eyeball?
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Despite IBM's new CEO, women still struggle to the top

Jan 2, 2012
The change of leadership over the weekend at IBM puts a fresh spotlight on the ongoing struggle women face landing top corporate jobs.
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IBM's new CEO sees gold in data mining

Dec 30, 2011
Virginia Rometty takes over leadership of "Big Blue," and sees a profitable future in making sense of the growing mountain of digital data.
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Watson gets a job

Sep 12, 2011
The Jeopardy-winning, IBM supercomputer known as Watson has been licensed to health insurer WellPoint. The brains behind Watson will be optimized...
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IBM wants to help politicians see the future

Aug 8, 2011
IBM is releasing a new simulation tool today aimed at helping elected officials understand things like whether obesity will cause increased energy...
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