Earthquakes prompt Ohio fracking ban

Jan 3, 2012
Despite the environmental worries, most see no slowdown nationwide.
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After earthquakes, Ohio closes wells

Jan 3, 2012
Ohio has temporarily banned drilling in some parts of the state, after a series of rare earthquakes including one that rocked Youngstown over the weekend.
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PODCAST: Central Time takes center stage

Jan 3, 2012
Today's Iowa caucuses mark the start of the 2012 election season. While the car brand Cadillac is expecting a strong year ahead, with a focus on becoming a global brand -- but Ford's Lincoln isn't going to be quite so lucky. Manufacturing hiring is finally picking up, but this time around companies are looking for more skilled workers. And Steve Chiotakis heads to the junk yard with Paddy Hirsch to understand junk bonds.
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'Fracking' moves to the suburbs

Dec 27, 2011
As new technology allows drilling in unexpected places, oil and gas operations are moving into populated areas.
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Colorado to decide on fracking disclosure

Dec 13, 2011
The state will rule on whether oil and gas companies have to list all the chemicals they use to do hydraulic fracturing for natural gas. Environmentalists want them to disclose much more.
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Poland hopes shale gas drilling spurs economic growth

Dec 9, 2011
The Polish government wants to become a leader of shale gas extraction for the EU, but opponents are raising environmental concerns.
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