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What would your city look like with Beijing's air? A smog simulator

Feb 8, 2013
Intense air pollution in Beijing last month forced children and the elderly indoors and obscured visibility so bad that residents say they couldn't see buildings down the street. We imagine what would other cities might look like with Beijing-quality air.
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Dangerous air pollution levels hit Beijing

Jan 14, 2013
Air quality in China's capital this weekend was at levels judged hazardous to health. Authorities fear environmental concerns could spark social instability.
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New air pollution rules finally arrive

Dec 13, 2012
Industry has fought tighter restrictions on soot from power plants for years. Today is the court-ordered deadline for the Environmental Protection Agency to deliver the new rules.
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In China, thousands protest against pollution

Jul 30, 2012
Weekend protests about waste from a paper mill near Shanghai are the latest sign of rising public anger over environmental pollution.
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Pollution weighs heavily on China

Dec 13, 2011
The Chinese worry about how air pollution affects their lives and health.
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China's pollution could be a benefit for the U.S.

Dec 6, 2011
Chinese pollution particulates are shown to change weather patterns in the U.S., which will mean better skiing, more water for Californians, and even a better life for fish here at home
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China exports pollution, too

Dec 5, 2011
Bad smog in Beijing is costing the U.S. billions.
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Shanghai's Blue Skies Are But a Smoggy Memory...

Jan 26, 2011
November 1st, 2010: The view from my office disappears. After living in an industrial region of China in the 90s, my lungs kn...
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We used to be China

How can China slash carbon emissions, to help slow global warming, if it can’t even lessen the air pollution that’s smothering its cities? The United States had its own terrible air pollution not all that long ago. How the U.S. came to grips with smog and acid rain offers lessons on what it takes for a nation to act – and how long it can take.

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