Yahoo to reward shareholders with billions

Sep 19, 2012
Yahoo sold part of its stake in Chinese Internet company Alibaba and will honor a promise to reward shareholders instead of keeping the cash.
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Google hiding 'pirate' sites to make friends in Hollywood

Aug 14, 2012
As the search giant branches into Hollywood, it takes a tougher stance on copyright issues.
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Marissa Mayer to the rescue of Yahoo

Jul 17, 2012
Corporate turnarounds of big companies are rare. How much can Yahoo’s new CEO do to revive a company eclipsed by Google and Facebook?
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Yahoo appoints Google exec Marissa Mayer as new CEO

Jul 17, 2012
37-year-old Marissa Mayer will become Yahoo's fifth CEO in five years. She's a longtime Google executive and an architect of what the tech world calls the 'Google User Experience.'
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Yahoo scores a coup and lands a top Googler

Jul 17, 2012
And goodbye to installed software: Microsoft Office is becoming a service.
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Yahoo! taps Google exec Marissa Mayer as new chief

Jul 16, 2012
After cycling through three CEOs in three years, the Sunnyvale, Calif., Internet company today announced that it has appointed Marissa Mayer as president and chief executive officer.
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Marissa Mayer on women in technology

Jul 16, 2012
A look back at a commentary Marissa Mayer did for Marketplace in January on the state of women in technology. Mayer is the new CEO at Yahoo.
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Yahoo has a big leak, Kickstarter has a big hit

Jul 13, 2012
You should change your Yahoo passwords and you should pay attention to a hugely well-funded game console.
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A new CEO still may not save Yahoo

Jul 11, 2012
It's widely expected that interim CEO Ross Levinsohn will get the permanent title at today's shareholders meeting at Yahoo. But will anything change for the struggling company?
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With another new CEO, what's the future of Yahoo?

May 14, 2012
For the third time in three years, the CEO of Yahoo is stepping down -- Scott Thompson resigned this weekend. What this means for the future of one of the most visited sites on the web.
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