Will workers be protected from extreme heat on the job?

Jun 3, 2024
More than 400 workers died due to heat exposure between 2011 and 2021, according to federal records. Five states have created their own workplace heat safety rules, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is working on a new safety standard.
Five states have created their own workplace heat safety rules and several more are close to adopting them, says Anastasia Christman at the National Employment Law Project.
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As weather gets less predictable, hydropower dams look to new forecasting techniques

Oct 24, 2023
"Forecast-informed reservoir operations" may help planners deal more effectively with flood or drought conditions.
Dams were built during a much different climate regime from the conditions we're experiencing and expecting. Operators of the facilities are seeking ways to adapt.
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After a year of bad weather, peaches are in short supply — and a lot more expensive

Aug 28, 2023
Unfavorable weather in the Southeast and Midwest has made for a national peach shortage. The lack of supply means prices have climbed between 25-50% this summer in some markets.
Customers shop for peaches on July 13, at Flamm Orchards in Cobden, Illinois.
Brian Munoz

El Niño could return this year to crank global temperatures even higher

Apr 24, 2023
The next two years could end up being the hottest on record.
View of the dried lake of La Sabana Metropolitan Park in San Jose, Costa Rica. The lake was affected by droughts caused by the El Niño phenomenon.

Californians brace for more extreme weather after a week of deadly storms

Jan 10, 2023
Tens of thousands of people remain without power as flooding and midslides prompt evacuations
Cars drive by a sign warning of storms hitting the Bay Area on Jan. 7, 2023 in Sausalito, California.
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How inflation and "wild weather" are affecting one family farm

Sep 27, 2022
Anne Schwagerl, co-owns and operates Prairie Point Farm in Minnesota, where she's experimenting with new crops.
At Prairie Point Farm, Anne Schwagerl says they'll harvest soybeans, then corn. Above, soybeans are planted on a farm.
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"A lot of crap has gone down" for Iowa farmer, but it's finally harvest time

Sep 30, 2021
April Hemmes had to replant her soybeans after a frost killed them. But they're coming out better than expected, she says.
April Hemmes on her farm in 2019. This year, she had a record soybean harvest despite a drought earlier in the year.
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For public good, not for profit.

How does the weather affect what we buy?

Sep 20, 2021
Some businesses are turning to weather analytics to proactively prepare for the potentially more volatile conditions resulting from climate change.
In 2020, the U.S. had a record 22 climate disasters with losses exceeding $1 billion each, government data shows. Bill Kirk, CEO of Weather Trends International, advises companies on adapting to changing conditions.
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Restaurants in colder areas face new challenges in outdoor dining as winter approaches

Oct 9, 2020
Outdoor dining has been a lifeline for many restaurants during the pandemic. But now? Some may need to rethink how to keep patrons and food warm.
Those in colder areas will either have to find a heating solution or could be forced to shut down.
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Repeated flooding leaves small North Carolina town looking for answers about its future

Nov 6, 2018
The Atlantic hurricane season officially has a few more weeks to go, but already this year has been deadly and destructive. The mainland U.S. took a hit from Hurricane Michael in October and Hurricane Florence the month before. Florence devastated many parts of North Carolina, including areas far from the coast. For many small communities, […]
A roadway is flooded by remnants of Hurricane Matthew on Oct. 11, 2016 in Fair Bluff, North Carolina. The town was devastated again by Hurricane Florence in 2018.