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Along the border with Canada, U.S. businesses hope northern customers will return

Nov 29, 2021
The open border hasn’t yet brought back the crowds many have been hoping for.
Betsy Smith is the owner of NAC Logistics in Ogdensburg, New York. Her father started the business in 1957.
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Biden pressed to support intellectual property waiver for COVID-19 vaccines

Nov 26, 2021
Advocates say a waiver is "a moral imperative" to help make vaccines readily available worldwide.
In a letter, more than 15 countries called an emergency intellectual property waiver for COVID vaccines “a moral imperative."
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Canadians factor COVID testing costs into shopping trips across U.S. border

Nov 19, 2021
The border is now open to vaccinated Canadians, but their government compels citizens to show a negative test to get back home.
Travelers on the U.S. side wait to cross into Canada at Niagara Falls, Ontario. Canadians can now cross into the U.S. for nonessential travel but must have a pricey PCR test to return.
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The legacy of Enron in California's power challenges today

Aug 4, 2021
California faces more potential rolling blackouts this year due to a historic drought. But the state's deregulated power system also plays a role, and dates back to the Enron scandal.
A man sits under his umbrella under high tension power lines in California in August 2020, two days after the state ordered rolling power outages.
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A California fix for rolling blackouts irks neighbors

Jul 22, 2021
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recently approved a California proposal that prioritizes its own power needs in a crunch.
Power lines running through Paradise, California on May 22, 2021.
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PG&E ties compensation of victims to its future through stock

Apr 1, 2021
PG&E equipment caused the Camp Fire and other deadly blazes. What does it mean for victims when the settlement depends on profitability?
Victims of wildfires caused by PG&E equipment wonder how owning the company's stock will compensate them for their lost and damaged homes.
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2 years after losing their homes in California fire, some are still wrangling with insurers

Dec 11, 2020
California has opened an audit into insurance company Nationwide's practices.
An aerial view of a neighborhood destroyed by the Camp Fire on Nov. 15, 2018, in Paradise, California.
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