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How far can shows boldly go in the streaming age?

Sep 8, 2020
The first episode of "Star Trek" aired 54 years ago today. What does TV show longevity look like in the era of streaming services?
Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner as Mr. Spock and Capt. Kirk from "Star Trek."
Wikimedia Commons

The economics of the "Avengers" universe

Apr 25, 2019
The events of the last “Avengers” film could have dramatic economic consequences.
The cast and crew of "Avengers: Infinity War" attend the Los Angeles premiere. 

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

William Shatner is still the captain of his entrepreneurial ship

The actor talks about his projects, along with exploring frontiers — final or otherwise — of business.
William Shatner is currently promoting three projects: “Why Not Me?” a country music album; “Shatner Claus,” a Christmas album; and a book, “Live Long and ... : What I Learned Along the Way.”
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CBS' new "Star Trek" series will also stream on Netflix

Jul 31, 2017
The network and on-demand service will simultaneously release episodes.
Netflix also has the rights to all 727 episodes of "Star Trek," including the original series.
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Incoming transmissions from our 'Star Trek' listeners

Sep 9, 2016
We asked how you identified with 'Star Trek.'
Captain Kirk tries to use his communicator.

Economist Paul Krugman ponders the sci-fi economics of 'Star Trek'

Sep 7, 2016
What the TV series can teach us about our visions of the future.
 A USS Enterprise bridge stage set is displayed during a press preview of "40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection" at Christie's auction house September 29, 2006, in New York City.
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Let's do the number: 'Star Trek' and the 47 conspiracy

Sep 7, 2016
We look at how the number 47 boldly goes into the TV show's universe.
An emblem on a uniform from the Star Trek series is displayed with other costumes during a 2006 auction preview by Christie's at a warehouse in New York.

For public good, not for profit.

The world's top Trekspert on the show's 50-year history

Sep 5, 2016
Writer Mark Altman joined us to talk about how realistic the science fiction series could be.
Mark Altman speaking at the 2015 WonderCon.
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50 years and beyond: Voices from the 'Star Trek' universe

Sep 5, 2016
We're celebrating the show's anniversary with a multipart series.
Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner as Mr. Spock and Capt. Kirk from "Star Trek."
Wikimedia Commons

Why every generation should have its own 'Star Trek'

Sep 5, 2016
Brannon Braga, a showrunner, talked to us about his time working behind the scenes.
Showrunner Brannon Braga says there's no show out there like "Star Trek."
Cindy Ord/Getty Images for FOX