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The International Space Station and the docked space shuttle Endeavour orbit Earth during Endeavour's final sortie on May 23, 2011.
Paolo Nespoli - European Space Agency/NASA via Getty Images

Private prison stocks aren’t feeling the expected boom

Dec 29, 2017
Stocks in the for-profit prison sector skyrocketed after the election of President Donald Trump. The Obama administration and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had both pledged to phase out their use by federal authorities — an approach Trump rejected. But the industry hasn’t seen the sustained boost many investors expected.  Click the audio player above to […]

National forest campgrounds increasingly operated by private companies

Jun 29, 2017
Officials say they need the private operators because of budget cuts and increased spending on fighting wild fires.
Josh Larson and his friends cook breakfast at Rose Valley Campground in the Los Padres National Forest. The campground is under private management.
Kathryn Barnes

Trump tries to shift attention to FAA breakup and privatization

Jun 5, 2017
With the looming congressional testimony of former FBI Director James Comey later this week, the White House is hoping to give Americans something else to focus on —infrastructure. Speaking from the Rose Garden earlier today, President Trump announced a proposal to separate the nation’s air traffic controllers from the FAA, placing them under the control […]

Trump plan to privatize the FAA faces familiar foes

Apr 13, 2017
Opponents say small, rural airports and towns would be hurt economically.
The president supports a privatization bill introduced by Republican Rep. Bill Shuster last year, but it stalled amid pushback from lawmakers and some businesses.
David McNew/Getty Images

A small Georgia town where prisons play a big role

Jan 13, 2017
McRae-Helena could see its fortunes change under the Trump administration.
McRae Correctional Institution has been in this rural part of southern Georgia since the early 2000s, housing up to 2,000 federal prisoners.
Ali Guillory

Brazil says privatization will grow a stagnant economy

Sep 15, 2016
Brazil’s economy is not in good shape, and it hopes private firms can help fix it.
Lights shine in the Vidigal community in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

For public good, not for profit.

What would a post-Fannie and Freddie world look like?

Mar 13, 2014
Many want the quasi-governmental outfits snuffed out for good

Ohio governor considers privatizing state turnpike

Oct 15, 2012
An expensive turnpike study by KPMG was expected to be presented at a regular Ohio Turnpike Commission meeting today. But it didn't happen. So, speculation continues about Gov. John Kasich's proposal to sell or lease the Ohio Turnpike to investors.

The move towards privatization

Jan 13, 2012
As cash-strapped local and state governments look to raise more money, many are moving toward privatizing things that used to be public. Is it a good decision?