California communities see increases in pension costs

by Mitchell Hartman Feb 6, 2020
For every dollar the state's public agencies pay in wages this year, those employers will have to fork over 25 cents on average to CalPERS to cover retiree benefits.
Max Whittaker/Getty Images
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FAQ: The differences between a pension and a 401(k)

by Samantha Fields Oct 9, 2019
An explanation of how they work and which one is better.
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Tax Bill 2017

An unintended consequence of the GOP tax law: bigger pensions for some

by Janet Nguyen and David Brancaccio Jun 4, 2018
A decrease in the corporate tax rate gave companies more of an incentive to funnel money into defined-benefit pension plans.
There is a “considerable amount of concern that middle-income Americans are not saving enough for their retirement,” says Joseph Cordes of George Washington University.
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Puerto Rico governor says to people in informal housing "It's time to go"

by Danielle Chiriguayo Apr 27, 2018
We check in with Gov. Ricardo Rosselló on housing, education, pensions, and who is actually in charge.
Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rosselló in his office in San Juan in 2018.
Peter Balonon-Rosen/Marketplace

How America's retirement savings system needs to change

by Janet Nguyen Sep 29, 2017
Putnam Investments' CEO has some ideas for making defined contribution plans more relevant.
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Americans just can't leave retirement savings alone

by , and Feb 13, 2017
For each dollar saved, 40 cents is withdrawn. Social scientists have a solution.

Chicago public schools face financial crisis

by Amy Scott Oct 11, 2016
The school is reeling from funding cutbacks and mounting debts.
Chicago teachers picketing during a one-day strike in April. 
Joshua Lott/Getty Images

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In Japan, seniors are half of all welfare recipients

by Adam Allington Aug 22, 2016
A growing number of seniors, and not enough workers, has put stress on pensions.
Elderly women choose vegetables from a vendor at a temple in Tokyo.

States debut retirement funds as savings crisis looms

by Lewis Wallace Jul 28, 2016
Connecticut and Maryland are the latest to pass bills creating their own investment tools
An elderly couple walk along a wooden walkway on vacation in Germany.
Sean Gallup/Getty Image

Public pension returns could be worst in 15 years

by Amy Scott Jul 27, 2016
In 2001, the return was just over 12 percent. This year it could be 7.5 percent.
Long-term returns for pensions are forecast to drop to about 7.5 percent.
John Moore/Getty Images

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