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Victoria Craig is the former host of Marketplace Morning Report’s global edition produced by the BBC World Service in London. She graduated from the University of Missouri (go Tigers!) with a degree in broadcast journalism. Before moving to the U.K. in 2017, she covered Wall Street,  reporting for five years on U.S. stocks and the economy from New York City. When she’s not in front of the microphone, you can find Victoria baking or curling up with a good book at home, hiking in the English countryside, or travelling through her new European playground.

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Rebuilding after the Turkey-Syria earthquake

Feb 6, 2024
Turkey is still recovering from the huge earthquake that hit a year ago. U.S. funding is helping some companies rebuild.
A worker at Mirbey Flour throws a bag of flour on a conveyor belt after he filled and sealed it. Mirbey suffered damage but has received funding to get production up and running.
Victoria Craig/Marketplace

Turkey raises interest rates to 42.5% to combat high inflation

Dec 21, 2023
Turkey's inflation was north of 60% last month, and families are feeling the pinch of high prices and high interest rates.
People shop in Istanbul's famous Spice Bazaar. Families say they can't keep up with rising prices across the Turkish economy.
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Istanbul taxi shortage leaves riders, drivers fuming

Aug 4, 2023
Drivers often choose customers who give them bigger fares. The transportation problem may be linked to national politics. 
Taxicabs line up during rush hour in Istanbul. Customers say if they want to go a short distance, an available driver won’t agree to the small fare.
Victoria Craig/Marketplace

Turkey’s retirees feel inflation’s pressures ahead of second-round election 

May 25, 2023
In 2021, the Istanbul Political Research Institute found that 12% of Turks over 65 were still working, in part because pensions are not adequate.
People sit at a tea house in Sincan, a district outside of Ankara’s city center where a majority of voters supported President Erdogan in the first-round of elections on May 14.
Victoria Craig

Foreign home buyers become a central issue in Turkish presidential election

May 12, 2023
In the Turkish city of Antalya, an influx of foreign buyers have exacerbated existing housing affordability woes.
Turkey's main opposition  leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu speaks during a rally, Turkey. He has promised to restrict foreign homebuying if he wins the presidency.
Burak Kara/Getty Images

Turkey's soaring food prices take center stage in presidential election

May 10, 2023
Voters will head to the polls on Sunday for the most crucial election in a generation as households continue to deal with inflation.
People shop at a local street market in Istanbul on May 3. Annual inflation in Turkey reached a whopping 85.5% last year.
Burak Kara/Getty Images

Surging energy costs push British businesses to the brink

Sep 30, 2022
The U.K.'s rate of business failure has climbed far above pre-pandemic levels as economic uncertainty reigns.
Energy-intensive businesses like bakeries are suffering energy price shocks. Above, workers at Sourdough Sophia in London.
Victoria Craig/BBC

Taking stock of Big Tech and Russian energy with Europe’s Competition Commissioner

Sep 21, 2022
The BBC’s Victoria Craig speaks with Margrethe Vestager about Big Tech and the green energy initiatives.
Margrethe Vestager, the European Commission's competition chief.
Dursun Aydemir/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Inflation is a global problem, but different countries face different pressures

Aug 29, 2022
The U.S. is seeing some moderation in energy and food prices. That's not case overseas.
The energy situation in Europe, given its dependence on Russia, and the labor market forces are different from what we're seeing in the U.S.
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How to revive Afghanistan's economy? Taliban reforms, country's ex-central bank says.

Aug 16, 2022
About $7 billion in Afghan Central Bank assets remain frozen in the U.S. Could those funds be used to relieve the country's humanitarian crisis?
Poverty, acute hunger, and inflation have soared since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan in August 2021. The nation's former central bank governor says until the Taliban makes changes to policies the international community opposes, the economy will remain at a standstill.
Lillian Suwanrumpha/AFP via Getty Images