Coalition launches global food loss and waste standard

Jun 6, 2016
Global food loss and waste cost up to $940 billion a year.
A prep cook at a San Francisco restaurant drops apple skins into a food scrap recycling container.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Military chow hall makeovers, with a side of broccoli

Feb 15, 2016
Army dining facilities are being asked to do more with less, and to get soldiers to eat their veggies.
Sgt. Earl Lendore, a food service specialist in the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, prepares a meal at a Ft. Bragg dining facility.
Staff Sgt. Christopher Freeman/82nd Combat Aviation Brigade PAO

A trans fat ban might just be the icing on the cake

Jun 15, 2015
The FDA needs to 'nail the coffin shut,' consumer group says.

Flavor, nutrition and the end of 'blandification'

May 5, 2015
"The Dorito Effect" discusses the link between good food and good health.

School lunch's food fight

Apr 15, 2015
Critics say rules on nutritional content make the meals unappealing and costly.

The intersection of food, sustainability and politics

Apr 14, 2015
A report suggesting limitations on red meat consumption stirs up controversy.

Dietary update: Cholesterol-rich foods aren't so bad

Feb 11, 2015
Eggs are bad for you. No wait, now they may be good for you.

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McDonald's is not lovin' GMO potato

Nov 20, 2014
McDonald's appears to agree with customers who see new FDA-approved genetically modified potato as unhealthy.

Making Nutrition Facts label more helpful

Feb 27, 2014
First Lady Michelle Obama will present a new nutrition label Thursday.

More nutritional advice from McDonalds

Dec 23, 2013
What does the fast food giant have to say about healthy eating?