Automakers grapple with ethical questions around deep sea mining

Jun 3, 2024
GM is slated to take up the issue at its annual shareholder meeting.
"Deep sea mining itself is an industry that has a large number of potential risks; some of those are reputational risks," said Andy Whitmore of the nonprofit Deep Sea Mining Campaign.
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The case for broader investment in climate resilience

Private equity investor Jay Koh says more than 800 companies in the public markets offer solutions that create financial opportunity.
Climate change increases risks we already understand, like wildfires, drought and supply chain disruptions, says Jay Koh of the Lightsmith Group.
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Do shareholder ESG resolutions make a difference?

Jan 22, 2024
So-called activist investors in recent years have been pushing for social and environmental goals through shareholder resolutions. As Kimberly Adams reports, even though there's a growing political backlash, these resolutions can change corporate policies.
Exxon filed a lawsuit to prevent activist investors from voting on climate-related proposals at the company's next shareholder meeting.
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Why are investments in ESG funds falling?

Jan 19, 2024
Morningstar found that 2023 was the first year investors pulled more money out of ESG and sustainability funds than they put into them.
Until recently, investors were pouring money into ESG and sustainability funds, according to Alyssa Stankiewicz of Morningstar.
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Facing pushback and government scrutiny, ESG investing may be headed for change

Nov 30, 2023
Environmental, social and governance funds, once a bright light in investing, are confronting potential regulation and political heat.
Larry Fink, the CEO of giant asset manager BlackRock, has been an advocate of allowing environmental, social and governance values to influence investment choices.
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Is climate change pushing more investors to ESG funds?

Rich Nuzum of Mercer says ESG funds reflect concern for the planet, but this year they’ve underperformed the overall stock market.
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In his first veto, President Biden defends Labor Department's ESG rule

Mar 20, 2023
Critics say ESG investments allocate money based on political agendas rather than on earning the best returns for savers.
It's unlikely that Republicans have enough votes in Congress to reach the two-thirds majority required in each chamber to override Biden's veto.
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For public good, not for profit.

An argument for new metrics for success in a new and more ethical capitalism

Jun 2, 2021
SoulBranding founder Elsie Maio argues companies must measure effects on "the tangible well-being of humans ... of our planet."
"There are promises and there's a flood of purposeful branding campaigns out there. What are we measuring against? What is the impact? What's the change in focus?" Elsie Maio asks.
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New Trump administration rule limits large banks' ability to turn away business

Jan 15, 2021
Large banks can't deny services to businesses, like gun-makers and oil drillers, just based on what they do.
The rule prohibits large banks from refusing to lend to certain business sectors, after Republicans voiced frustration at what they saw as a reluctance by banks to finance gun-makers and energy firms.
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Sustainable investing is actually up during the pandemic recession

Activists were worried investors would abandon investing based on social and environmental goals.
Investors have not only stuck with, but have actually embraced, funds with high sustainability and environmental ratings.