The high stakes trade that can move entire currencies 

May 16, 2024
The “currency carry trade” is one way investors chase returns by moving their money from one country to another, and it can move currency markets. It’s emblematic of the power of interest rates to slosh money around the globe, and it may be growing. 
Currency carry trade is a particular type of bet that investors make when they think they can earn more money in one country than in another.
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Why the U.S. isn’t concerned that Japan might act to prop up its currency

Sep 20, 2023
The U.S. isn’t usually thrilled when a country intervenes in its own currency. But boosting the yen is likely to help Japan’s economy, which could help the U.S. in turn.
If the yen jumps around too much, anyone that wants to trade with Japan might hold off.
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What would happen if paper money became obsolete?

Apr 21, 2023
A large number of Americans have gone cashless, but many still have to rely on it.
Cash is still here to stay.
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The dollar's value has been slipping over the past few months

Jan 2, 2023
The currency's dip could be due to the prospect of a weakened U.S. economy in 2023.
The value of the dollar has dipped as the economic outlook for the U.S. has soured.
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How a stronger dollar weakens economies abroad

Sep 8, 2022
Countries that import commodities priced in U.S. dollars, like oil, are paying a lot more. So are nations that have dollar-denominated loans.
If the value of the dollar climbs against a currency like the Mexican peso, Mexico's debt payments increase.
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The pros and cons of the sinking euro

May 30, 2022
What could be the effects of the euro and the U.S. dollar having equal value?
The euro's value is sliding against the U.S. dollar, which could lead to parity. That hasn't happened in decades.
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For public good, not for profit.

What does a strong dollar mean for the U.S. and world economies?

May 17, 2022
A strong dollar means lower prices for goods from abroad. For countries that import commodities priced in dollars, however, it's bad news.
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Russia is trying to prop up the ruble ... but it's not working

Mar 2, 2022
The ruble is a free-floating currency whose value tracks supply and demand. But sanctions have demolished demand and wrecked the market.
A currency exchange office in St. Petersburg, Russia. People are trying to unload their rubles as the value of the currency plummets.
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How does the U.S. Mint decide how many coins to produce each year?

Jan 27, 2022
Billions of coins entered circulation in 2021 alone. But the pandemic has slowed supply and created demand.
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