Murray Energy is the latest coal mining firm to declare bankruptcy

Oct 29, 2019
The decline in coal-fired power plants began with older facilities about a decade ago. Now even younger plants are being retired.

Coal mine standoff in Kentucky moves to negotiation between parties

Sep 12, 2019
Miners and mine owner have begun negotiations to break the deadlock in Harlan County.
Unemployed Blackjewel coal miner Chris Lewis shows his tattoo as he participates in a blockade along the railroad tracks that lead to one of Blackjewel's mines on August 08, 2019 near Cumberland, Kentucky.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Nation's fourth- and sixth-largest mines shut down

Jul 2, 2019
Two of the largest coal-producing mines in the United States were closed down without warning.
Coal falls from a conveyor belt in 2016 in Price, Utah.
George Frey/Getty Images

Coal boss threatened to shut mines following safety complaints

Apr 8, 2019
A secretly recorded speech by Murray Energy boss is at center of a legal dispute.
Robert Murray (L), chairman of Cleveland-based Murray Energy Corp., listens to a colleague after the evening news conference at the command center where it was announced that rescue efforts to drill relief holes to six coal miners trapped 1,500 feet beneath the surfaces are going slower than expected at the nearby Crandall Canyon coal mine on August 9, 2007 near Huntington, Utah.
David McNew/Getty Images

Trump’s promises have some coal miners optimistic — so they’re staying in the industry

Dec 27, 2017
While some coal miners continue looking for work in the industry, others look to careers outside of coal for more stability.
Low natural gas prices will likely continue to keep the coal market weak. Above, a coal mound in Shelbiana, Kentucky.
Photo by Luke Sharrett/Getty Images

There's no giving up on coal in Greene County, Pennsylvania

Dec 1, 2017
While there's plenty of money for free job training in health care and trucking, local workers pack coal classes instead.
Students sit in a miner training class at a career center in Greene County, Pennsylvania.
Erika Beras/Marketplace
Flared natural gas burns off at Apache Corporation's operations at the Deadwood natural gas plant in Garden City, Texas. 
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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Trump administration halts study on mining, thanks to proposed budget cuts

Aug 22, 2017
Some studies have shown increased rates of health problems for people who live near these mining sites.
A large mountaintop coal mining operation in West Virginia. 

A former coal miner's take on the declining industry

Jun 23, 2017
It's a small part of Kentucky's economy, but it plays a big role in politics.
Courtesy of Gary Bentley

Counting up American coal jobs: What's the real total?

Jun 15, 2017
Here are the numbers behind the much-discussed coal industry in the U.S.
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt speaks with coal miners at the Harvey Mine in Sycamore, Pennsylvania, in April.
Justin Merriman/Getty Images