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Counting up American coal jobs: What's the real total?

Jun 15, 2017
Here are the numbers behind the much-discussed coal industry in the U.S.
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt speaks with coal miners at the Harvey Mine in Sycamore, Pennsylvania, in April.
Justin Merriman/Getty Images

Kentucky coal country hangs on to Trump's promise

Feb 8, 2017
Though jobs have fallen to their lowest level in 118 years, there is hope that coal production will come back.
A bulldozer operates atop a coal mound in Kentucky.
Luke Sharrett/Getty Images

One of coal’s last strongholds is under review

Jan 16, 2017
Federal land is one of the only places where the industry is holding its own.

Coal is having a comeback — can it last?

Dec 23, 2016
Don't call it a comeback (maybe)
Coal falls off a conveyor belt as it's off loaded from trucks from local coal mines at the Savage Energy Terminal on August 26, 2016 in Price, Utah. 
George Frey/Getty Images

Coal mining jobs in West Virginia aren't coming back

May 9, 2016
Neither politicians nor policies can undo what the market's done to coal.
West Virginia's primary is Tuesday. Hillary Clinton has said, "We're going to put a lot of coal miners out of business." Donald Trump promised, "We're going to put the miners back to work." Above, signs at a Charleston, West Virginia, rally on Thursday.


Layoffs arrive in Wyoming's coal fields

Apr 7, 2016
Two large mines lay off 15 percent of workers, as the industry's troubles come to Wyoming
Coal mine in Wyoming. 
Greg Goebel/Flickr

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Cleanup concerns raised as coal companies decline

Dec 30, 2015
Many have "self-bonded" their costs for reclaiming mines if they should go under.

America's coal heads overseas

Jul 29, 2014
What happens to the coal not burned in the U.S.

When the coal layoffs trickle down

Apr 11, 2014
Coal communities in eastern Kentucky have been reeling from the effects of a relentless wave of mining layoffs.