In the middle of Bourbon Country, this tea shop owner carved out a space for the sober community

Mar 20, 2024
Arielle Clark, owner of Sis Got Tea, started her business doing online sales. Now, she has a storefront in Louisville, Kentucky.
Arielle Clark, owner of Sis Got Tea in Louisville, Kentucky, says running her business has required sacrifice at times, but she "wouldn't change anything for the world."
Courtesy Clark

Time again for home-based Utah baker to "fly the coop" for a commercial space

Jul 24, 2023
Rita Magalde of Sheer Ambrosia is preparing to bake baklava in a Salt Lake City space.
Rita Magalde, center, with her employees Desi Hayda, left, and Hayda's mother, Helene Simpson, right.
Courtesy Rita Magalde

On Juneteenth, this small business owner makes space for big conversations

Jun 19, 2023
"As a Black business owner, often I'm asked to share a little bit about my story, or my journey, or my background. And so I get to facilitate conversations around these things while making candles," said Colina Bruce of Noir Lux Candle Co.
Bruce says she's been invited to participate in a variety of local Juneteenth events.
Courtesy @kingnoir31

Baklava bakery owner trades master's program for growing her business

Nov 22, 2022
Rita Magalde, owner of Sheer Ambrosia in Draper, Utah, is starting her busy season and planning to bring on her first full-time employees.
Rita Magalde, center, with her employees Desi Hayda, left, and Hayda's mother, Helene Simpson, right.
Courtesy Rita Magalde

How a Mississippi nonprofit helps Black entrepreneurs get funded

Nov 16, 2022
Tim Lampkin, CEO of Higher Purpose Co., says his organization serves as an adviser and "capital matchmaker" for business owners.
Higher Purpose Co. Founder and CEO Tim Lampkin (center) with Therapy Plus CEO LeJeune Johnson (left) and BloomTech Developments CEO Melissa Bloom (right).
Courtesy Innovate Mississippi

Sweet serendipity leads bakery owner to business school and a full scholarship

Jul 12, 2022
In August, Rita Magalde of Utah is starting a nine-month master's program to help grow her baklava business.
"While working at a Greek-owned restaurant in high school and college, my love for baking baklava blossomed," Rita Magalde says on the Sweet Ambrosia website. Above, baklava arranged on trays at a bakery.
Armend Nimani/AFP via Getty Images

For Black entrepreneurs in Nashville, a pop-up market brings new opportunity

Apr 14, 2022
The pandemic spurred a small-business boom, and that included many Black entrepreneurs looking for new ways to reach consumers.
Karii Jones, the owner of Majik Trap, sets up her booth at Black Market. Majik Trap sells oils, incense and crystals.
Ambriehl Crutchfield/WPLN

For public good, not for profit.

A mobile bookstore in the Bronx “is where my heart is” 

Apr 13, 2022
Storefront prices were too high, so Latanya DeVaughn of Bronx Bound Books used savings, a grant and a bus to realize her dream.
Courtesy Latanya DeVaughn

How could additional capital for banks in communities of color help local businesses?

Apr 7, 2022
The Treasury Department provided $9 billion to lenders in underserved communities, allowing them to expand and support entrepreneurs.
Toriano Fredericks, owner of Boricua Soul in Durham, North Carolina. It was difficult, but his restaurant was able to survive the pandemic and remain open.
Leoneda Inge/WUNC

This banker-turned-dog-groomer travels nationwide to help pet parents

Mar 28, 2022
Brian Taylor wants to travel to all 50 states and groom more than 10,000 dogs.
"My ultimate goal is to do all 50 states and groom over 10,000 dogs," said Brian Taylor. Above, he holds a Maltese.
Courtesy Taylor