Airline tickets are priced to confuse

Jan 9, 2019
Sometimes flying a longer distance is less expensive.
Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

One Seattle neighborhood is fighting airplane noise

Feb 16, 2018
The planes are so loud in this Seattle neighborhood some residents say it feels like a war zone. They want the federal government to do something about it.
María Batayola.
Eilis O'Neill/ for Marketplace

Boeing starts a deal in Iran, a nation hungry for new planes

Apr 4, 2017
Boeing will sell 30 new jets to Iran Aseman Airlines, its second recent deal in that nation. It’s also got plans to sell 80 planes to Iran Air. The Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran removed some U.S. economic sanctions in exchange for Iran agreeing to curb its development of nuclear technology. New planes were […]

Airlines are doing well – so why aren't analysts happy?

Aug 1, 2016
Earnings are up but unit revenue is down – the complexity of airline economics
Airline earnings are up but unit revenue is down - what does that mean?
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

NASA hoping hybrid tech will take to the skies

Mar 4, 2016
The technology could cut fuel consumption in passenger jets by 12 percent.
NASA engineers are designing hybrid jet technology. 
Courtesy: NASA Glenn Research Center

Emissions standards for planes are coming

Feb 9, 2016
The UN have aviation industry have hammered out new emissions standards.

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The Air Force buys a new plane

Oct 28, 2015
The decision on a new bomber could affect an entire industry.

How do airlines compensate for a plane crash?

Mar 30, 2015
Lufthansa may be vulnerable to unlimited liability, but not punitive damages

After four decades, Delta's DC-9 jets make final landing

Jan 6, 2014
Delta Air Lines will take its final DC-9 to the skies today, punctuating a most unlikely and colorful span of airliner history.