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The man at the center of "The Last Black Man in San Francisco"

Jun 12, 2019
In a new film called, "The Last Black Man in San Francisco" Jimmie Fails plays a fictionalized version of himself.
Jimmie Fails stars in A24's "The Last Black Man in San Francisco."
Peter Prato/A24

For African-Americans, a fear of recession

Oct 18, 2018
The Marketplace-Edison Research Poll also found that more blacks worry a recession will affect them than whites do.
A man walks by the New York Stock Exchange.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Will “Black Panther” be a game changer?

Feb 23, 2018
“Black Panther” moves into its second weekend in theaters having already posted half a billion dollars at the box office. Sure, it’s a Disney film based on a Marvel comic book, but could it also be a game changer for how Hollywood looks at mostly black casts and distinctly African narratives?  Click the audio player […]

Millennials of color are worse off financially

Financially secure white millennials feel held back.
Millennials of color are less like to own a credit card.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

How African-Americans were 'shut out' of the American dream

Apr 25, 2017
Discriminatory employment and housing practices have made it difficult for black men and women to enter the middle class, according to a new documentary.
Kathy Region (L) and Jimmie Alvin with his dog, pimp, sit next to the shanty town going up next to their apartment complex in the Liberty City neighborhood in Miami, Florida. 
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

TV beats movies when it comes to diverse programming

Nov 1, 2016
The television industry is learning to let more people of color in, but the movie industry still has strides to make.
NYT film critic Wesley Morris says Moonlight is an exquisite film about "being a black male" and the societal construction around black male identity. 
David Bornfriend/ A24

The economic impact of a major new museum

Sep 23, 2016
Washington, D.C. is opening a new museum on the history of African-Americans.
A statue of Colorado pioneer and former slave Clara Brown is on display next to a preserved slave cabin at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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Young Latinos are among largest group of uninsured

Aug 18, 2016
A report finds more Latinos gained health insurance, but still lagged.
Maria Elena Santa Coloma (R), an insurance adviser with UniVista Insurance company, helps Shessy Gonzalez sign up for a health plan under the Affordable Care Act.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

African-Americans paying higher auto insurance rates

Nov 18, 2015
A new report illuminates serious problems with auto insurance premiums that the CFA is urging legislators and regulators to address.

San Francisco losing black residents, black businesses

Jun 18, 2014
A bookstore closes shop because so many African-Americans have left San Francisco.
Shoppers inside Marcus Books in San Francisco's Fillmore District, before the store closed for good.
Lydia Daniller - lydiadaniller.com