A second home in Ireland is a "special place" to host friends for this Wisconsin woman

May 24, 2024
"I invite people to stay there with me when I'm there," said Aileen Smith about her second home in Tramore, Ireland. "I never get tired of having guests. It's fun every single time."
Aileen Smith had always loved Ireland and had visited often. Buying a second home there so that she could host friends made sense.
Courtesy Aileen Smith

How a new house turned into a "starter, middle, and ending" home for this Texas woman

May 10, 2024
"I'm just attached to it because it's taken care of me and I'm taking care of it," said Violet O'Brien on why she's choosing to age in place in her Houston home.
Violet O'Brien has decided to age in place in her Houston home.
Courtesy Violet O'Brien

After dreaming of living in a dome home for decades, this Texas woman made it a reality

Mar 7, 2024
"I'm not getting any younger. If I'm going to have a dome, I need to get on with it," said Paula Stone of Fredericksburg, Texas.
Paula Stone's home is made up of five connected monolithic domes that she designed herself.
Courtesy Stone

For a couple in Maine, calling a Grange Hall home means financial freedom

Feb 23, 2024
With the goal of living mortgage-free, "I really knew that I would go anywhere and I would live in anything," Kate Mill says.
After living in Nashville, Tennessee, for 23 years, Henry Pile and Kate Mills bought this  Grange Hall in Livermore Falls, Maine.
Courtesy Henry Pile

Median home prices are down across the U.S., but location still drives valuation

Feb 15, 2024
When Caitlin LaClair and her family moved to Texas and then Massachusetts, they were hit with sticker shock.
The prices you'll encounter depend on where you're looking.
David McNew/Getty Images

Next year, this 25-year-old hopes to be a homeowner

Dec 15, 2023
A check-in with Utah resident Abigail Gomez, who plans to move out of her parents' home.
Abigail Gomez and her boyfriend, Kaden Cooper, in northern Utah. They hope to own a home together within the next year.
Courtesy Gomez

The economic and logistical realities of straw-bale building

Aug 16, 2023
One couple shares their experience with an alternative construction project.
David and Carrie Chew stand in the wooden frame of their incomplete straw-bale house in 2022.
Courtesy David and Carrie Chew

For public good, not for profit.

This couple works to create a safe haven for queer, nonwhite travelers

Feb 8, 2023
The initial idea was to create global pop-up experiences. But Amber Drew and her wife ended up finding a permanent home in Nicaragua.
Buying property for the Apogeo Collective was not Plan A, but Amber Drew and her wife found an opportunity to become homeowners in Nicaragua.
Amber Drew and Sara Elise

Looking for a home that's accessible? That will make your search even harder.

Apr 7, 2022
A retired economist tells the story of her search for an accessible home.
There are no front steps at Nikki Finlay's new home. "I could walk straight in the front door," she says.
Courtesy Nikki Finlay

Why this couple traded an apartment in Atlanta for a 27-foot sailboat

Feb 23, 2022
As housing costs rise, some are taking #vanlife one step further by leaving the solid footing of land. Instead of paying rent, they drop anchor.
Sunni Blanning and Brandon Bunch on the sailboat they call home.
Courtesy Blanning